Laura and Jim’s Intimate Worcester Register Office Wedding with just their immediate family

It’s an absolute treat to photograph a wedding for people you love. That was offset a tinnnyyyy bit by the nerves that come with photographing a wedding for another photographer. That’s how Laura and I know each other, and she’s one of my favourite humans so I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of her Worcester Register Office Wedding to the wonderful Jim, aka The Legal Bit. I was also a part of their wedding part 2 later that week; a beautiful humanist outdoor ceremony in Malvern, conducted by a friend and photographed by another friend. I thoroughly enjoyed being on guest duty for a change.

A pregnant bride in a gold sequinned dress and a groom in a velvet jacket in wild flowers at their Worcester Register Office Wedding

A pink house in the Malverns

The Worcester Register Office started at home, in their pink house in a village near Malvern. I arrive to a flurry of activity, with everyone getting ready together. Readings are rehearsed, hair is curled, and Laura’s bouquet, foraged from their garden earlier that day, sits in water on the kitchen counter ready for its outing later.

Laura and Jim have just moved into this house, and they’re still doing work on it. Several of the rooms upstairs aren’t quite habitable yet, and this excites me. I whisk Laura off for a maternity portrait, against the background of peeling wallpaper.

Mid-century architecture at Worcester Register Office

Laura’s mum arrives and this is our cue to jump in various cars and head to Worcester Register Office. Laura’s mum used to work there as a registrar, so it’s got a special connection. I love the architecture. It reminds me of the polarizing mid-century modern train station in the town where I grew up. And of course I can’t wait to photograph some portraits of Laura and Jim around the grounds.Alternative wedding photography portrait Malvern Register Office

I like this Lovely Other Dinosaur…

By first the ceremony. It’s short, sweet, and heartfelt with a beautiful reading of The Other Lovely Dinosaur by the kids. Laura and Jim grin all the way through. And so do I. After saying their I Dos they exit to a shower of confetti, officially married. It was very lovely indeed.

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