whitstable-wedding-photography-48It’s always an honour to photograph the wedding of a wedding industry colleague.  When Ismay from Patchwork – a company I love being involved with – asked me to provide Whitstable wedding photography for her wedding to Paul I was really happy to work with her.

Ismay and Paul met at a party at a friend’s house, when they were 21 and 22.  On the night they met they chatted until the sun came up.  After 8 years, 2 cats, 5 gold fish and 6 homes they tied the knot and they had a laid back day at East Quay’s Lobster Shack with oysters, champagne, hanging out on the beach and dancing the night away.

Ismay and Paul’s Whitstable wedding day started with torrential rain but when the clouds broke later in the day we  were treated to amazing dramatic skies and a beautiful sunset.  If it does rain on your wedding day it’s worth keeping in mind that if you do get a dry spell around sunset then the sunset is likely to be beautiful.

Ismay and Paul were looking forward to being surrounded by their friends and family, by the sea, laughing and crying and dancing and they got to experience all of those things in abundance.  I absolutely love the sea and if I got to photograph every single wedding for the rest of my life on a beach I’d be happy to.

I loved all of the pretty details that Ismay and Paul had but especially an amazing cake buffet which Ismay’s bridesmaid Harriet, whose wedding I am photographing next year, was responsible for.  Swing by  the Instagram for Taart Bakery to check out her amazing cake creations.

It was an absolute pleasure capturing Ismay and Paul’s Whitstable Wedding Photography so do scroll down and check out their wedding day.  You’ll also find their highlights video and the credits for their amazing suppliers at the bottom.

If you’d like to chat about your Whitstable wedding photography or your photography anywhere else for that matter, do get in touch.

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