What to do when you get engaged: 3 wonderful things about your engagement that have nothing to do with weddings!

Did you get engaged over Christmas or New Year? It’s a classic time for proposals and if you happened to say a big old YES in the last month or so, Congratulations! You’re doing this thing! What next though? If you want to know what to do when you get engaged, keep reading! 

My advice to newly engaged couples is always the same. Before you get swept up in wedding planning, take a breath and take some time to enjoy this very special period of your life. Don't let your head get filled with what to do when you get engaged and all that wedding stuff. It's tempting to pick a date, find a venue, send out save the dates, book a caterer… That's all fun and interesting and you're going to love planning it all… but there are so many lovely things about being engaged that are nothing to do with wedding planning.a couple having an engagement photoshoot in Birmingham What to do when you get engaged

You get to pause the wedding planning and take some time to share your joy

One of the most wonderful things about being engaged is that the people around you get to share your joy. You can celebrate with the people you love, and they get to share in your happiness. Thinking about what wedding planning looks like can come later. 

You also get to share your joy with each other. Take the time to focus on your relationship and connecting with each other. I love The framework of the Gottman Institute’s State of The Union meeting as a way of checking in with each other regularly (spot the trainee counsellor/therapist!). Communicating in this intentional way as you move into the next stage of your relationship is a great way to feel more connected. 

You'll never need to go on a Tinder date again.

All that swiping. All that ghosting. If you've ever been on a bad Tinder (or hinge or bumble or any of the others…) date you’ll feel this in the depths of your soul. Congrats! You're engaged! You no longer have to worry about the world of app dating. 

You get to connect with gratitude and really appreciate that you’ve found the love of your life 

Finding the love of your life is pretty special. It’s a beautiful thing when two people realise that they want to take on the world together. You’ve chosen your person and your person has chosen you. 

There’s a whole load of evidence and information that shows how amazing connecting with gratitude is for your mental health and wellbeing, and what a thing to be grateful for. 

You get to check out an amazing, award winning wedding photographer and imagine how she might connect with your plans

Ok so this probably does fall within the realms of wedding planning but I had to sneak a little bit of self promo in somewhere, right? There’s no rush though. I’ll still be here when you’re ready to start thinking about your plans. You can check out some of my favourite wedding images in my wedding photography gallery, or head to the blog for the latest wedding stories! 

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