This post expands a little on the FAQ information that’s in my brochure and forms part of my Planning your Wedding Photography series.  Do check out the rest of my posts if you haven’t already, as there’s loads of useful information in there.

So here are some commonly asked wedding photography questions and their answers.  If I’ve missed anything that you’d like to know, even if you’re not one of my clients, do post it in the comments and I’ll be happy to update the post.

How long have you been a wedding photographer/how experienced are you?
I’ve been photographing weddings full time for five years. In that time I have photographed nearly 200 weddings (I’ll be celebrating my 200th this year.  Exciting!), so it’s fair to say you’re in safe and experienced hands.

Can we see some of your recent weddings?
Sure!  Check out my gallery page and blog for highlights of recent weddings and if you’d like to see some full wedding galleries you can get in touch via my contact form.  I am always happy to share full wedding photography galleries, as I think it’s important to get an overview of all of the shots you’ll receive if you work with me as your wedding photographer.

Where are you based?
I recently relocated from London to Bath.  Now that I’m a Bath wedding photographer I cover weddings locally in the South West but I also treat London weddings as being local too, as lots of my work is still based there.  I also cover weddings all over the UK, Europe and further afield.

Wedding photography is a big investment, isn’t it?
Yes, but as the only aspect of the day (aside from your marriage of course!) that will last, and that you’ll get to enjoy over and over again, I think it’s important to book a photographer whose work you love.

When you book me you’ll be commissioning an experienced, highly regarded and sought after award winning photographer with a unique creative style. You’ll receive a brilliant service, lots of support and on the day of the wedding itself you’ll hardly know I’m there.

Good wedding photography is an investment and one that becomes more important over time.

Check out some of the reviews from my previous couples to find out what they thought about working with me!

We’re getting married in the week/the winter can we have a discount?
I am a small business and all of my costs are carefully calculated to ensure that I can cover my business expenses and make a reasonable living.  I can only take on a limited number of weddings per year so I need to price my work accordingly.  If I offer discounts it would mean I’d need to take on additional work, and that would impact on the quality of service I am able to provide to every client.

I put the same amount of hard work and attention into week day and winter weddings as I do for those in the summer/at the weekend and in fact they’re often more work, due to the expertise and additional equipment needed to photograph in low light.

In short I work hard to provide an awesome service to all of my couples and I love to work with people who value that service.  It’s also unfair to couples who have paid my full prices to offer discounts.

What I will do, occasionally, if you’re having a really creative wedding on a smaller budget is offer reduced hours coverage.  My usual minimum on a peak date is 7 hours but I am occasionally able to be flexible and offer less coverage.

We’ve seen some other wedding photographers that charge less than you
Pricing varies based on all kinds of factors.  The experience of the photographer, the quality of their work, the level of service they provide and the end product are all factors that need to be taken into consideration.

A wedding photographer who provides no pre-wedding planning service and just turns up on the day, shoots and hands over a disk of unedited images provides a very different service to a photographer who individually edits each image.

By the same token, a wedding photographer who isn’t fully insured with high quality professional equipment or one that doesn’t invest in their creative development will be able to provide a cheaper service than a photographer who has invested a significant amount of money in their equipment and business.

There may also be a price difference based on quality of work, creativity, experience and location based cost of living expenses.

Are you a full time, professional wedding photographer?
I am!  And on the side I also run events and training for other photographers.

Do we get to meet you before booking/the wedding?
I don’t take any bookings without first having a chat with the couple, to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.  I usually do this via Skype initially and then we can get together in person or skype again for a pre-wedding planning meeting, around two months before the wedding. You can read more about my planning process and timeline here.

We love your work but we’ll need some traditional family group shots.  Is that ok?
Of course!  I wrote about group shots and why I think they’re one of the most important parts of the day here.  My aim is always to do your wedding photography group shots in a relaxed and laid back way, taking up as little time as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your party.

I hate having my picture taken.  How would you deal with this?
Seriously. 99% of my couples tell me they don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera.  That’s fine. It’s my job to get you comfortable and it’s your job to relax and enjoy it.  You can read a little bit about my approach to photographing couples here.

What I would say, though, is you do need to input into the process too. You need to trust me, you need to be open to my suggestions and you need to interact with each other in an authentic way.  I can definetly help this along but you do need to be up for it!

Can you recommend an awesome florist/band/make up artist that you’ve worked with?
Yes!  I have lots of great contacts all over the country.  When you book in with me I’ll send you a link to a list of my favourite recommended wedding suppliers.

Can you hold my date while I decide?
A signed booking form and booking fee is required if you want to secure your date.  I take bookings on a first come, first served basis.

How far will you travel?
Anywhere. And back again.  I cover weddings all over the UK and often further afield.  I love working as a destination wedding photographer and will travel anywhere in the world.  Check out my destination wedding photography prices.

What happens if we cancel our wedding?
In most cases your booking fee will be non-refundable, unless I am able to rebook the date.  In some cases, if it’s close to the date of the wedding, the balance may also be due.  Because of this it’s worth making sure you are fully covered with wedding insurance.

What happens if you’re ill on the day?
No wedding photographer can give a 100% guarantee against illness, however I give you my full assurances that only a very serious illness or other exceptionally serious circumstances would prevent me from attending your wedding. I have never had cause to cancel or not attend a wedding to date and I take my obligation to you, on your wedding day, very seriously.

If I am unable to attend for any reason I will do my upmost to find you a replacement photographer – I have a great network of photographers who I can contact in circumstances like this – and if I am unable to do so you would of course receive a full refund.

How long will you stay on the wedding day?
How ever long you want me.  My pricing is flexible to allow for everything from short coverage (7 hours upwards on a Saturday) to coverage over the whole day or even several days.

How many photographs will we get?
My average for 8 hours’ coverage is upwards of 400.  This really depends on the format of the day and the length of coverage.

How soon after the wedding can we see them?
Waiting sucks, doesn’t it?  I get as excited about your pictures as you do and because of this I always edit around three preview images and I post these on your own private web page for you.   The full set is ready around 10 weeks after the wedding.

If you need to send out thank you cards before you receive your full set of pictures, I’m always happy to send over a high resolution version of one of your preview images.

That all sounds great, how do we book?

Before I book you in I like to have a chat to make sure the way I work is a good fit for you.  We can do this on the phone or Skype, if it’s easier.  Once we’ve had a chat, and assuming you’ve had a good look through my site, I’ll send you a booking conformation email, along with a booking form and invoice for your booking fee.  Once I receive the fee and form back, you’re all booked in!

How much is the booking fee and when is the balance due?
My booking fee is £550 and the balance is due two months before the wedding.  I kick off the planning process around three months before the wedding.

What happens then?
Check out my timeline post for more details about how it all works after you’ve booked.