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Did you know that I have a wedding photography advice section? I’ve been adding bits and pieces of advice to it over the eight ish years that I’ve been shooting weddings so it’s a pretty comprehensive resource now! To make things easy for you, though, I thought I’d do a little round-up of some of my favourite posts. A lot of the posts in the guide are wedding photography advice focussed but you’ll also find a bunch of posts on topics on everything from Surviving your Wedding Planning to Elopement Advice.

Here are some of my favourites from my planning guide! If you’re just engaged, you should head here first!

a bride and groom at the barbican conservatory

How NOT to brief your wedding photographer

You’ve seen the posts in wedding magazines telling you to ask for a shot of you gazing wistfully at each other in a mirror. Stuff that, you want your wedding photography to be authentic and to represent you and your relationship. You’ll find a bunch of myths about briefing your wedding photographer debunked here.

Wedding day timings

This practical guide will give you all the info you need to plan your wedding photography timings. Want to know how long getting ready coverage you’ll need? Not sure how long you’ll need to get some awesome dance floor shots? Head here for all the info you need!

How to love yourself in your wedding photos

As a photographer, I am here to authentically capture what’s in front of me. I am a human too (with ALL the insecurities that come with being human) and I’ve been on the other side of the lens, so I appreciate that sometimes looking at photographs of ourselves is challenging. I photograph all of my couples sensitively but loving yourself in photographs starts with loving yourself in real life. More on that here.

How to choose pictures for your wedding album

Print your photos, print your photos, print your photos!  Yes, my pictures look pretty awesome on a screen but you’ll be blown away with how beautifully they’re rendered on professional fine art papers, by a professional print lab using archival quality inks. The depth and richness of fine art printing is something else. Head here to read about the importance of printing your pictures and here to read about selecting images for your album.

Bride and groom with confeti

Confetti wedding pictures

Confetti is the best. That is all. Head here for advice about different types and how to use it!

Light and planning your photography around it

Photography is quite literally capturing light and so much of the shots you’ll get on your wedding day depends on the light and the skill of your photographer to work with what’s in front of them or to add their own lighting. Read more about different types of light and how it impacts your photos here.

winner 2016 30 rising stars

The case for an unplugged wedding

Would you rather
a) see all of your favourite people watching you with their actual eyes as you get married
b) see the backs of various phones/cameras/ipads as you get married and have your professional photos come back with a bunch of pictures where people are looking at their phones/camera/ipads

Did you pick A? More about that here!

You’ll find more awesome and informative posts like ‘What happens if it rains on my wedding day‘, Five hacks to make your photography more awesome and My policy on church weddings in my planning guide

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