Creative wedding photography

When I asked a bunch of my couples to talk about what it was like working with me as their wedding photographer, I really didn’t expect to find the end result so emotional. I mean I kind of did because I am prone to feeling all the things, but it honestly knocked me for six a little bit. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this film as much as I did!

I can talk about my style, my approach, myself and my experience, teaching other photographers and awards I’ve won but ultimately there’s nothing as important as the people in front of my camera and it absolutely filled me with joy going through the feedback for this film.

Thank you so much to Alex and Gudrun, Benedict and Pip, Elizabeth and Alison, Ellie and Alex, Kate and Ambroise, Luke and Pip, Saira and Jim and Sarah and Daniel for being a part of this film.  If you’d like to see more from their weddings, you can click through and see each one in all its glory. I’ve also shared a selection of images from the film below.

If you’d like to work with me as your wedding photographer in Birmingham, the Midlands, London or across the UK do get in touch.