Colourful Creative Documentary

Vibrant storytelling


We offer wedding highlight films as an add on to wedding photography collections and Pete also offers them as a standalone.

Our 3 – 5 minute wedding highlight films are created alongside the still photographs we take, and they’re a lovely video accompaniment to your wedding pictures.

Like our wedding photography, our wedding films focus on the story of the day.  We want our films to evoke all the wonderful feelings of the occasion every time you watch it, for years to come. While filming we mingle with your guests, blending into the background with ease and document creatively and naturally. We frame your wedding just as it is – marvellous, messy and profoundly personal.








Our approach to filming on the wedding day is relaxed but covers the day comprehensively. Pete will mainly focus on filming, while I mainly focus on photography but we swap over in places, so that you have good coverage of all of the key parts of the day in both your film and your photographs.

We work really well together already as a wedding photography team and that has meant that it’s been really easy to transition to providing wedding highlight films as part of our service.

Our films are 3 – 5 minutes long and they’re set to music, like a music video. If you’re looking for full wedding videography with audio we can recommend some amazing wedding videographers who’ll be able to create a full length film of your day.

Instead our wedding highlight films focus on capturing the feel and atmosphere of the day and they work perfectly alongside the wedding photographs we’ll create for you. We also offer engagement shoot highlight films as an option!



If you’d like to add a film to your wedding photography collection please get in touch. We’d love to create one for you.