So you’re all ready to go.  You’ve made it through Wedding Planning and you’re all ready to enjoy your day.  You’ve probably read through most of my planning your wedding photography series and we’ll have had our pre-wedding planning meeting by now, to make sure every detail is covered.

On the day my advice to all of my wedding photography couples is to relax, enjoy it and don’t pay any attention to me and what I’m doing.  There are a few small things you can do at this point though to make sure everything runs even more smoothly than it’s already going to!  Here’s your wedding day brief.

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Speak to your friends and family about what to expect

I work in a documentary style and, for the most part, that means I photograph everything as it happens in a realistic and authentic way.  It’d be great if you could let your friends, family and wedding party know that they don’t need to do anything in particular.  No one needs to stop and pose for pictures, or move out of the way of the camera.  What ever is going on is part of the story and that’s what I’m there to photograph.

Tell them that I’ll be around, photographing everything as it happens naturally.  They don’t need to ignore me but they can happily just go about their business, without worrying about being photographed.  If I need anything on the day I’ll let someone know.

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If you want detail shots, have everything ready

If you want still life shots of details like bouquets, cuff links, ties/bow ties, dresses, suits, shoes or your rings it really helps to have all of these items gathered in one place, at the start of coverage.  That way I can spend my first twenty minutes photographing them, before focussing on the action from that point onwards.

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Make sure everyone in your group shots knows when they’ll be needed

If you brief everyone in your group shots in advance (especially who ever is coordinating them for you!) things will run much more smoothly and quickly, so you can get on with enjoying your party.

If you tell everyone exactly what the plan is, including where we’ll be meeting and when group shots will take place, they’ll be less likely to wander off and delay things.  Once your ceremony is over make sure who ever’s coordinating your group shots gets things moving and don’t forget to make sure everyone knows your wet weather plan.

There’s more info about stress free group shots here.

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Let it go

You’ve probably spent months planning your wedding but now’s the time to let go of the planning process (and spreadsheets and budgets and seating plans) and just enjoy it.  Things may or may not go exactly to plan but if they don’t go to plan, your guests will probably never know and you’ll still have a ball.

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Take some time out

I vividly remember thinking I’d hardly seen Pete on our wedding day.  It’s so easy for the day to pass by like a whirlwind so I’d highly recommend making sure you take 10 minutes together alone, to enjoy each other’s company now that your married.  The end of your couple portrait session is a great time to do this and I’m more than happy to cover for you!

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