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One of my stand out memories from this summer is photographing 30 minutes of Nova’s dad’s life as he crossed over the Millennium Bridge to meet his daughter on the other side, so he could escort her to her wedding. He was really early to arrive at the meeting point and his nerves were palpable. He seemed to exist inside a bubble, while London life went on around him.

A huge part of being a wedding photographer is telling those little stories that weave together to make up the whole story of the day. Of course the epic moments like walking up the aisle and the first kiss are part of that story but I love looking for the less obvious narrative too.

The whole of Nova and David’s day was full of little stories that made their day unique to them, from getting married at The Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe where they first met, to the shared love of music that brought them together.

Scroll down to the bottom to read what they had to say about their wedding day!

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We met at Shakespeare’s Globe when David worked in finance and I was in the events team.  It turned out that I had gone to David’s music nights 8 years before, so we hit it off instantly over a love of music.  We were together 2.5 years when we decided to start a family and as soon as I was pregnant David proposed.  We got married in our 4th together, with our little girl Jean, who is nearly one, by our side.

I initially tried on long traditional dresses but I felt and looked uncomfortable, so I googled 60’s short mod dresses as this is the type of look I usually go for.  I found a lovely dress that no longer existed anymore but I found Yoonha who is the creative director of January Once Again who designed and made my dress for me.   I was really looking forward to dancing in it at the reception.

My shoes were from Orla Kiely, I wanted flats so that I was comfortable and they had a lovely 60’s look.  2 weeks before the wedding I chose a lovely fresh daisy head chain from my florist, Palais flowers and this really worked with the theme. I bought some pearl studs from a little stall at a Jazz festival and I loved their simplicity.  Our rings were made by Duffy a friend of mine, he made my engagement ring and I just love his unique style.  I bought a lovely handbag for the evening from Accessorize, my bridesmaid found it in a magazine. I loved the way it looked so pretty with all the floral sequins plus my lace had flowers on it too.

My friend Vicki from Bang Bang Events recommended Babb Photo.  I took one look at the website and was instantly sold.
We then chatted on the phone and Laura said she doesn’t spend hours doing group shops which again I was sold on! I loved the way she said she tells a story through the pictures she takes.

We met a few weeks before the wedding and it was great to talk about how we met and what we’re into, a really lovely personal touch.
Laura was A real pleasure to work with on the day, I loved the way she made the most of the location we were in and it just felt like she was enjoying the wedding as much as us!

Our first dance was The Glow of Love by Luther Vandross. We love this song and the lyrics.  We then had 4 of our friends and family do DJ sets.

I’ve planned about 30 weddings and I always used to say to my couples ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ so I had this ringing in my head!!

Work your way through a checklist of items with completion dates so that you don’t get any sudden surprises, and you get to enjoy the last few weeks pampering yourself rather than sorting out table plans out and stressing out.  Delegate, delegate and delegate to the ushers, Best Man etc and give them a list of things they need to help with on the day. That way the day should run smoothly and guests are not waiting around not knowing what is happening next.  Just really enjoy planning the day with your other half and make sure you take 5 minutes on the day just the 2 of you to take it all in as its such a wonderful whirlwind.

The Credits:  January Once Again //  Duffy Jewellery // Orla Kiely // Palais Flowers // The Swan // Lili Vanilli // Suit Supply 

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