Briony and Jamie’s Bath Wedding Photos for their sunrise Roman Baths Elopement

On a very rainy Spring day, I photographed Briony and Jamie’s dawn Roman Baths Elopement. The Roman Baths is one of my favourite Bath wedding venues, and one of the wonderful things about having your wedding or elopement there is that you get the whole place to yourself.

In order to have the whole place to yourself, you either need to get married at sunrise or sunset. Briony and Jamie chose the former, so I got to enjoy walking through a deserted city-centre, at the crack of dawn, to meet Briony and Jamie at the beautiful apartment they’d hired for their Bath elopement.

Rainy Roman Baths Elopement Bath Somerset

First kiss in black and white. An intimate and moody image at the Roman Baths.

Rainy Bath and some wedding portraits in The Pump Rooms

We were nearly all blown away by the rain, but Briony and Jamie took it in their stride. We made it to the Roman Baths and we were allowed into the Pump Rooms for a few quick portraits before the ceremony started.

I love photographing elopement weddings. A huge part of being a photographer is adjusting your energy to the situation you’re photographing and when it’s just me and the couple, or me and a very small wedding party, I’m more integrated in the day than I am at a bigger wedding, and than means hanging out, chatting, knowing when to photograph and when to hang back. Some elopements feel really peaceful and beautifully calm and others, like this one, are full of so much laughter and joy.

A bride laughing with her head thrown back on a cream sofa with pink cushions

An intimate sunrise Roman Baths elopement ceremony

Jamie and Briony’s ceremony was intimate and emotional. Even the witnesses, who were members of staff from the Roman Baths, had a a cry. After the oficial bits were done, Briony and Jamie exited to more laughter, and then we spent some time exploring the quiet of the empty Roman Baths.

The rain was still torrential at this point so after a quick jaunt to Poultney Bridge, we headed back to the apartment to warm up, and a glass of Champagne.

I left Briony and Jamie at The Pump Rooms where they were having brunch, and contemplating whether a boat ride up the Avon was an absolutly terrible idea given the weather.

I always love being back in Somerset to photograph a wedding so if you’re looking for Roman Baths wedding photography, or a wedding photographer in Bath or Bristol let’s chat.

A groom seated by a piano and a bride with her hand on his shoulder at the Pump Rooms Bath

Couple laughing as they say their vows at their Roman Baths wedding

A couple hidden by umbrellas as the wind blows the bride's dress and the rain falls

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