I’m sharing another one of Alice’s lovely weddings today.  Steven and Glyn were married in Hampstead, which is a stones throw from where Pete and I used to live, so he really enjoyed working with Alice to capture Steven and Glyn’s St Stephen’s Rosslyn Hill wedding photography.

St Stephen’s is a A Grade I listed building and a deconsecrated former church. It’s beautiful, grand, imposing and the perfect venue for a civil wedding in church like surroundings.  Glyn and Steven had a vibrant day there that was full of colour.  Here’s what they had to say about it:

The Beginning
We met on a Friday evening in cold December. Steven had been to his works fancy dress Christmas party and was dressed as what he describes as a cowboy however he looked more like Woody from Toy Story. The relationship progressed and 6 years late Steven proposed to Glyn whilst up a mountain in Spain. We were engaged for a further 18 months but in the time relocated to Thailand with our dog Ella.

Scroll down to read more about St Stephen’s Rosslyn Hill wedding photography and do get in touch if you’d like Alice to photograph your wedding. 
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The Venue and Location
Given that we live in Bangkok there was lots of internet searching and visits when visiting the UK.  Steven was in the UK visiting family and came across a venue – he visited St Stephens and face-timed me in Bangkok to show me.  We fell in love with the place and essentially booked on the spot. I hadn’t actually seen the venue in the flesh until the day before we got married. Thank god I liked it!

Your outfits & accessories
Living in Bangkok there was a multitude of tailors that we could choose however on reading an article about the film Spectre we found the suits were made by a tailor in Bangkok. Therefore, by association, if we wore the suits we would look super cool and slick…  Steven was the baddy.

The Flowers and Decor
Our florist was recommended to us and we wanted flowers that we have in our garden in Bangkok.

The Ceremony
The ceremony was fun! Unfortunately the registrar made a mistake and wished us all the misfortune in the world!

The Photography
Babb Photo was recommended to us and we knew we would get on when Alice suggested meeting in a pub in Camden to discuss what we liked.  Both Pete and Alice were fun and easy to get on with and not in anyway intrusive to the wedding.

The Words of Wisdom
Film it! we missed so much. Make sure you stand back and take a moment to observe the day – You made this – enjoy it. No shots until the mother in law has left!

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