poc engagement shoot st katherines dockFun fact: upon finishing Monifa and Anand’s St Katherines Dock Engagement Photography in East London, I was waiting for the lift in their building. Standing completely still, with my weight evenly distributed, I felt a kind of a twang followed by a shooting pain in my knee. Several hours and a trip to A & E later, it turned out I sprained it. While standing completely still.

That’s got to be some sort of magical world record. Who sprains their knee while standing still?!  Me,  that’s who. And it still twinges to this day if I walk up a hill. Random knee injuries aside I really enjoyed my shoot with Monifa and Anand. They found me through Nu Bride and it was wonderful to spend an afternoon wandering around East London with them in the sunshine, while they told me about their wedding plans.

We started at St Katherines Dock, where boats I wish I owned are moored and bob around on the Thames. We then wandered down to Tobacco Dock, via some classic East London backdrops, including street art, urban street scenes and pockets of beautiful light.

Our shoot finished up on Monifa and Anand’s roof, where they have an absolutely beautiful view of the city and where, to the best of my knowledge, I did absolutely nothing to deserve the random injury that I acquired following the shoot!

If you’re looking for a wedding or engagement photographer in East London you know what to do! You can also head here to check out more of my work in London. Finally, pop over to the blog to see more of my wedding photography. St Katherines Dock engagement photography St Katherines Dock engagement photos East London engagement shoot St Katherines Dock Engagement Shoot London

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