Gatlinburg Snow Storm

Oh, and these northern nights are dreary
My old southern heart is weary
As I wonder how the old folks are back home
But I know that they all love me
And I know they’re thinking of me
And Smokey Mountains memories keep me strong

A week in the woods. 30 photographers. Snow storms, making pictures, hanging out, sharing and laughing so hard our sides ached. I have said so many times how important I think community is when you are a photographer and this group of people have inspired me so much that ‘I can’t even’.

I was going to write more about this trip but I am not sure I can or even want to so I’ll just share some pictures, from Nashville to Gaitlinburg and a few portraits of lovely people. I didn’t get a chance to shoot everyone and that makes me sad.   This is just the first of many adventures with this group and I can’t wait to see them again soon.

Tennassee -1Tennassee -2Tennassee -3Tennassee -4Tennassee -5Tennassee -6Tennassee -7Tennassee -10Tennassee -11Tennassee -12Tennassee -13Tennassee -14Tennassee -15Tennassee -16Tennassee -17Gatlinburg Snow StormTennassee -19Tennassee -18Tennassee -20Tennassee -22Tennassee -23Tennassee -24Tennassee -25Tennassee -28Tennassee -30(C) Laura Babb-1Pigeon Forge Wedding PhotographerBoudior Photographer LondonTennassee -6-2Sidney-11Tennassee -2-2Tennassee -3-2Smoky Mountains Cabin Travel Photography Snowstorm