Laura was just incredible and surprising from the moment we first contacted her. She was so professional as well as creative and original, start to finish. Her online presence is enormous, a lot of our planning and idea’s were derived from her blog posts, and her questions and suggestions about how we should run our day were all spot on (she obviously had much more experience than us!).

We decided to have an engagement shoot to help overcome Rosie’s natural camera shyness, and were so glad we did. Getting to know Laura a bit better and seeing her fun arty “style” was such fun for us as well, and when we got the photo’s we were blown away.

On the day, we really didn’t now Laura or Alice were there for most of the time, with the exception of the excellent crowd domination needed to get the “all the guests” shot. We then got to sneak off with her for half an hour for a quick couple shoot as the sun was setting, a time we now treasure since its the only moment it was just us.

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