This is pretty much a wedding photography blog but I’m kind of tired of being so one dimensional. If you believe the hype that a wedding is One-Of-The-Most-Important-Days-Of-Your-Live that’s fine, but I personally believe that a wedding is a beautiful celebration of you, your relationship, everything that came before the wedding day, and everything that’ll come after.

Life, basically. And life is complicated and nuanced so I thought I’d share a whole bunch of random links that I stumble across from time to time, in the hope that you might find something to help, amuse, entertain or visually inspire you. There will occasionally be wedding related STUFF. Here we go:

How to go to therapy

A printable wedding checklist

Learn how to stop complaining

Small acts of liberation

Wrestling with flowers: 

wrestling with flowers austin kleon

30 hikers on the scariest things they’ve seen in the woods (I do a lot of lone hiking and I’m not reading this one, OK?!!)

Expressive writing prompts to use if you’ve been accused of white fragility or white privilege

What are you drawn to?

In entirely unrelated news, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Birmingham, the Midlands or across the UK get in touch. 

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