Couple portrait Priston Mill bath

Ellie and Alex’s wedding at Priston Mill, Bath

Photographing a wedding where almost everyone attending is a creative of some description realllyyyyyy ramps up the pressure! Ellie is an artist and Alex is a filmmaker. In addition, Ellie’s dad was an exceptionally well-loved and respected photographer with a career spanning decades, and a whole load of the guests were photographers, filmmakers and artists too.Luckily they were all lovely to work with and they 100% trusted me to do my thing! Keep scrolling to check out Ellie and Alex’s Priston Mill Wedding Photography and to read about the day!

A Somerset Barn wedding in beautiful countryside

After getting ready in the City, we all made our way out to Priston Mill, out in the Bath Countryside. It’s a pretty little barn venue, set in the Somerset hills. The gardens were looking absolutely beautiful on Ellie and Alex’s wedding day.

Ellie and Alex legally married earlier in the year, so Ellie’s dad Steve could be there with them. As a beautiful connection to their first wedding, the same registrar conducted the Priston Mill ceremony. The ceremony was really lovely, with a performance from a friend and a reading from Ellie’s sister.

Lawn games and hanging out in the sunshine

After the ceremony, Ellie and Alex came out into the gardens in a flurry of confetti and bubbles. They had a laid back drinks reception in the sunshine, where people played lawn games and drank prosecco.

I especially enjoyed whisking Ellie and Alex off for portraits and I really, really love the picture of Elle and her sister showing me their armpit hair! The generation below mine (which makes me feel very old…) are way more body positive and less self-conscious than people my age and that is absolutely wonderful.

I was with Ellie and Alex up to the start of their dinner, as they booked one of my shorter coverage packages.

Ellie and Alex’s Priston Mill Wedding was fab and it’s always lovely to be back in Bath. If you’re looking for a Priston Mill wedding photographer or Bath wedding photography, get in touch here. Here’s what happened!Priston Mill Bath Wedding Priston Mill somerset barn venue Priston Mill wedding photography venue inside bride arriving at Priston Mill Guests arriving at Priston Mill Documentary wedding photo of bride at Priston Mill Guests blowing bubbles at Priston Mill wedding

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