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Why you should print your wedding photos

Printing your photos is important. In my parents house pictures of my niece and nephew line the stairs, while a picture of both me and my brother sit proudly on the mantel.  In the hallway, there are pictures of my grandparents and in pride of place, there’s a picture that I took of the sunset on the day my grandad passed away.

I love it when I walk past one of these prints and they unexpectedly grab my attention.  In the case of pictures, I’m in, memories from that moment come flooding back.  When I riffle through the boxes and boxes of prints I find out things I’d forgotten and I’m taken to a place in my family’s history that happened before I existed.  Even without all of that nostalgia prints are beautiful and a lovely, personal way of decorating your home.

I absolutely know that a huge number of couples never get around to printing their photos.  I know because I’m kind of terrible at printing my own….

We’re all busy and there are always so many options to choose from, so I want to make your decisions about printing your photos as simple as possible.    I hope the following information will encourage you to print your pictures and give you a little more information about what options are available.

Why should you print your photos?

Pictures look SO much better printed than they do on screen.  You get a depth of colour that’s just not present when viewing them digitally and the experience of holding a tangible product in your hand is unbeatable.

Technology frequently changes and it’s not unreasonable to expect that the hard drives we use now might not even exist in 10 or 15 years.  That box full of beautiful prints or wall full of lovely framed prints isn’t going anywhere though.

Why should I choose your prints?

You absolutely don’t have to.  There are some great options out there for printing. If you’re planning to print them yourself you’ll want to find a reputable photographic lab that uses archival quality inks and papers.

By doing this you’re likely to get good quality print, although I can’t guarantee that the colours will be 100% accurate.  This is because my editing process is tailored to the colour profiles used by my print labs and I edit specifically with printing in mind.  For the most accurate reproduction of your images I do recommend that you work with me and my professional print labs.

What kind of prints do you offer?

I offer two types of print:

  • Professional Prints
  • Signature Fine Art Prints

Professional Prints

My Professional Prints are high-quality prints that are automatically fulfilled directly by my lab, meaning they’re sent to you within a matter of days.  They’re printed using professional inks and papers and you can choose from a lustre or gloss finish.  Personally I love Lustre and feel that it compliments my work really well.

standard prints

Fine Art Prints

My Signature Fine Art Prints are premium, hand cut prints and they’re printed onto acid free, archival quality paper which means they’ll retain colour without fading or staining for years to come. Your images are printed using 12 colour pigment inks which to produce stunningly rich colours and subtle gradations, your black and white images will be printed with 4 grayscale inks.  Signature Fine Art Prints are printed onto the beautiful 320gsm Hahnemühle© Baryta Paper. Hahnemühle is a specialist paper mill in Germany that’s over 400 years old.

fine art prints

I also offer a range of Fine Art wedding albums and if you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch and I’ll send you a brochure!

How to Order Prints

You can order your prints directly from your gallery! You’ll find a walkthrough of your gallery here.

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