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Do you need advice about your wedding ceremony? Are you looking for suggestions about timings?

Have a good browse through this guide for wedding planning articles covering everything from unplugged weddings to wedding planning for introverts.

There are suggestions for every section of the wedding day, from getting ready to your group shots. You’ll also find lots of suggestions for stress free wedding planning.

Planning Your Wedding Photography: The Ceremony Planning your Wedding Photography Planning Your Wedding Photography: photography suggestions for the Ceremony The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. After all, it's the bit that results in you actually being m... READ MORE Your engagement shoot what to expect Engagement Photography I've talked a little bit about why you might want to have an engagement shoot in this post.  Pop over and have a read if you haven't already and do check out other posts in my planning series here. ... READ MORE Working with Babb Photo as your wedding photographer Planning your Wedding Photography Today I want to tell you a little bit about what you can expect when you work with me. If you came here looking for more pictures and less chat, then check out some weddings here. Before I w... READ MORE Planning Your Wedding Photography: getting ready Planning your Wedding Photography Planning Your Wedding Photography - some hints and tips for getting ready If you're new to the blog or this series of posts, do check out my other planning your wedding photography posts. Today ... READ MORE Planning your wedding photogaphy: Before the wedding Planning your Wedding Photography You wouldn't think there would be too much planning to do before the wedding, as far as photography is concerned but there are definitely a few things you can do in advance, to make sure things run sm... READ MORE Choosing a Wedding Photographer Planning your Wedding Photography Navigating choosing a wedding photographer - advice for engaged couples Ahhhh the minefield that is choosing a wedding photographer. Well it's not really a minefield but it can be an overwhelming t... READ MORE The importance of group shots London Wedding Photographer Most of the couples I speak to about their wedding photography are clear about one thing: they don't want to spend hours being lined up for formal group shots.  They've all been to those weddings ... READ MORE Engagement photography: what’s the point? Creative Wedding Photography For most people the idea of engagement photography (or pre-wedding photography), and spending more than an hour having a camera pointed at them, is a bit intimidating at best and full on terrifyin... READ MORE