Do you need advice about your wedding ceremony? Are you looking for suggestions about timings?

Have a good browse through this guide for wedding planning articles covering everything from unplugged weddings to wedding planning for introverts.

There are suggestions for every section of the wedding day, from getting ready to your group shots. You’ll also find lots of suggestions for stress free wedding planning.

Printing your Photos Creative Wedding Photography Why you should print your wedding photos Printing your photos is important. In my parents house pictures of my niece and nephew line the stairs, while a picture of both me and my brother sit proudl... READ MORE What I need from you as your wedding photographer Creative Wedding Photography What I need from you as your wedding photographer - some tips for getting the best from your shoot For a long time I've prided myself on being a wedding photographer that attracts clients that are ... READ MORE Wedding Planning Survival Guide London Wedding Photographer A wedding planning survival guide for couples who want a fuss free wedding If you're typical of my couples you're probably going to breeze through your wedding planning.  Most seem to take it all i... READ MORE Confetti wedding pictures Planning your Wedding Photography I can take or leave many wedding traditions but one I absolutely adore is the throwing of confetti and creating confetti wedding pictures. None of this leaving-it-to-the-older-generation-to-throw-s... READ MORE The importance of light and planning your photography around it London Wedding Photographer I watched the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen, out of the window of a rural wedding venue a few weeks ago.  I was photographing speeches at the time so of course the subject matter in front of me... READ MORE The case for an unplugged wedding Planning your Wedding Photography Alex and Carly's Whitstable Wedding is over on the blog. Check it out here if you missed it.  The case for an unplugged wedding! Why you might want to ask your guests to put their cameras away A gue... READ MORE My Policy on Church Weddings Planning your Wedding Photography My Policy around photograqphying Church Weddings You wouldn't think I'd need a policy on church weddings, but I want to make it really clear to my couples what factors they need to consider in rela... READ MORE How to love yourself in your wedding pictures Planning your Wedding Photography How to love yourself in your wedding pictures.  Some thoughts on self acceptance and being kind to yourself The person that you're marrying, do you love them unconditionally? Do you realise that... READ MORE Do I need a pre-wedding venue visit? Planning your Wedding Photography Wondering whether you need a pre-wedding venue visit? Check out this post for all of the info "Have you worked at my wedding venue before?" "Can we meet at the venue to check out portrait location... READ MORE How to elope Elopement photography How to elope - logistics, planning and ideas to help you to plan your elopement Elopements are becoming more and more popular, which is wonderful.  I photograph at least a handful of weddings per y... READ MORE