A walk through of your Pic-Time gallery and its main functions

I get a lot of wonderful feedback about each Pic-Time gallery and how beautifully they display your images. I know you all love them but I want to make sure you’re able to access all of the gallery features quickly and easily, so I’ve made this quick tutorial which you can access at any time. It’s also great to share with your friends and family.

In this short video, I’ve talked about accessing the different scenes in your gallery, how to share different collections with different people, downloading your images, backup, and how to use the store functionality. If you prefer to read rather than watch, I’ve included a written overview of the video below with some instructions.

A written overview of your Pic-Time gallery’s main features

    • You’ll receive your online gallery via email.
    • Scroll down to the main navigation area where your shoot will be split into scenes, so you can scroll backwards and forwards really easily.
    • There is an option to add any images in your gallery to the hidden area using the eye icon. This will mean only the main clients will see these images.
    • You can create collections of images by clicking the email icon.
    • You can set up as many collections as you like and send them to different people.
    • You can add your own favourites to a collection by clicking the heart icon.
    • You can then download them as web resolution or high-resolution files.
    • Click the arrow to download your full collection. I recommend you save them in at least three different places. Images will also be backed up by me for a year, with an option to extend for a small fee when the year is up.
    • Web resolution downloads are great to share on social media. Where ever you share it would be amazing if you could credit and link to babbphoto.com as this helps other brilliant couples to find me.
    • There is an option to quick buy products like prints, frames and gallery boards. Click the cart icon to see the list of products.
    • You can buy more complex products like Fine Art Albums, deckled prints, frames and greeting cards in the main store. They’re all options you can design yourself, which is fun.
    • Your gallery has a clever algorithm which will look at your favourite images and it will use them to suggest images for products. When you click into things like albums your gallery will present you with an album that’s pre-designed. You can then change the cover options, layouts and image selections to make the album your own.
    • There are also hardcover books for a more budget-friendly option (and they make great gifts!).
    • I love the frames in the store and have a number of my images framed using the same styles. You can change the size and the aperture of the mount, to really show off your image.
    • Other products include deckled edge prints, calendars, gallery boards and greeting cards (including thank you cards).

Finally, a note on sharing your gallery with friends and family. If you don’t want to send them selected images you can send the whole set. You can also share straight to your social media and there’s even a Pic-Time app if you want to access your photographs straight from your devices. If you have any question about any aspect of your Pic-Time gallery, you can drop me an email and I’ll be happy to talk you through it!

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