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After a crazy busy summer where I’ve spent almost every Friday – Sunday away from home shooting weddings all over the country and further afield, it was a bit of a treat yesterday to work in Bath yesterday.  I packed up my photography kit, headed out of my house at 5pm and walked five minutes up the road to The Roman Baths for Diane and Sullivan’s evening ceremony.

The Baths are amazing.  They were built more than 1500 years ago which is pretty mind blowing when you think about it.  After being given the tour by the venue manager Pete and I were left alone to set up, so we basically had the whole Baths to ourselves for 20 minutes.  I didn’t drink the water.

This frame is the first wedding I’ve photographed as a Bath wedding photographer, since moving to Bath earlier this year.  Photographing a local wedding makes living here feel more solid in a way, which is comforting as we’ve been on the road so much this year we haven’t really had a chance to integrate ourselves into life here.

Shooting locally means waking up in my own bed on a Sunday morning, making coffee and having breakfast in bed.   And photographing amazing historical venues like the Baths is the cherry on top.

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