awesome wedding photographer-6You’ve meticulously planned your beach wedding, from the sunny drinks reception on the beach to the beautiful golden hour portraits against the backdrop of the North Devon coast.  From the ice cream, to the sneaky post wedding ceremony paddle in the ocean.  You’ll get married outside and you’ll have a BBQ.

And then it rains.  And rains.  And rains and rains and rains.  Not just any old rain but that driving seaside rain, with an added layer of mist.

What do you do?

If you’re Luke and Pip you get married outside anyway, with the wind whipping your hair around and your nearest and dearest watching from under umbrellas.

You arrange for a procession of umbrellas down to the beach for a few family pictures and you all laugh and pretend you’re not at all chilly.

You tell your wedding photographer that you’re up for braving pictures outside.  You ditch the umbrellas to play around on the beach in the rain.  You scramble on rocks and lose your shoes somewhere, as it’ll be easier to climb without them on.  You stand on a rock at the edge of the ocean, with all this weather going on around you, hugging each other to keep warm.

You don’t worry about your dress getting wet, you don’t worry about suits getting dirty, or hair or make up not being perfect.  You let go of your expectations about what you thought your wedding might be and you embrace your wedding day exactly as it is.

You spend the whole day with sand on your feet.

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