mallorca-engagement-photography-12As part of all of my destination wedding photography collections I include either a complimentary day before or day after shoot.  One of the benefits of heading off to a beautiful destination location for your wedding is the landscapes, street scenes and architecture that can be used as a unique and interesting backdrop for your wedding photography but even during a laid back destination wedding there’s often not that much time for portraits on the wedding day itself.

Because of that it’s always really nice to spend some extra time exploring and it’s also a really nice opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of wedding activities.  When you have a destination wedding your friends and family are often with you for a few days of activities in the run up and as wonderful as that is couples often find they don’t get much time to just be together.

It’s so nice to take some extra time out of your wedding schedule, just to connect with each other and you may actually wish to consider doing the shoot before the wedding itself, in your wedding outfits, so you get some beautiful portraits of you in locations that it wouldn’t be possible to visit on the wedding day itself.

For Kim and Greg’s Mallorca engagement photography we headed off to a Cuber Lake, a reservoir in the west of the island.  It was the day after Kim and Greg’s Mallorca wedding and they were tired but happy.  We all enjoyed the sunset over the lake and the chance to explore the landscape to create some laid back pictures.

If you’re looking for Mallorca pre wedding photography or coverage of your Mallorca wedding I’d love to explore the island with you, so do get in touch.  
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