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It’s already March and there’s a blizzard raging outside of my window.  2018 has firmly been the year of self care so far but in spite of a much slower pace of life than last year, the days are whizzing by and it’ll soon be wedding season again!

Life lately is my series of posts about personal stuff I’ve been up to.  If you’d like to get a glimpse into what I’ve been up to since my last post, keep reading.

All pictures are from my personal Instagram, unless otherwise stated.

Some places I’ve been

I’ve really enjoyed heading out into the wilds of the countryside and exploring the areas surrounding Bath over the last few months.  Pete and I head out for a longer walk a few times a week and then potter around the town and the Bath Skyline on days where we’re staying closer to home.

Severn Beach is the last beach you’ll find before crossing over into Wales.  It was pretty noisy next to the roar of the traffic thundering over the bridge.  We walked along the estuary on a really blustery but blue skied day.

severn bridge


Bath and around

These were all taken on various walks.  I never get tired of the way the light bounces off of the beautiful Bath stone or the views across the city, including the view from Alexandra Park below, which we discovered for the first time recently.

instagram pictures from around bath

Lovely Lacock

Lacock is a National Trust village in Wiltshire and it’s stupidly pretty.  We visited to scope out Coco Chemstry’s shop.  They’re a chocolatier and Pete has started working for them a couple of days each week, leading on a rebrand and new visual identity.  That does mean he gets a staff discount on their  chocolate and there has been quite a lot of glee sampling it!

Lacock is also the home of the Fox Talbot museum.  It was pretty humbling reading about the man who basically invented photography as we know it today.

lacock post office

Stourhead and that scene from Pride and Prejudice

We’ve really been making the most of our National Trust memberships and I loved Stourhead.   Pete and I climbed up to a folly on a him and I immediately recognised it from Pride and Prejudice (the film, not the BBC version, although I have watched both repeatedly). It was the location of Mr Darcy’s first declaration of love to Elizabeth.

A thing I watched

Series 1 – 10 of Friends.  There’s been a lot of sofa time since the start of the year so I rewatched Friends on Netflix.  I did enjoy it and I did laugh out loud at some of the jokes, but  it hasn’t aged terribly well, has it?  There’s a shocking lack of diversity, homophobia, fat-phobia and Ross is basically an abusive sociopath.  It also lacks sensitivity around pretty much any issue that comes up (Phoebe’s mum’s suicide, Fun Bobby’s alcohol addiction etc etc).  It was of its time I guess….

Some things I ate:

I’ve been following a keto diet since the start of the year (with a couple of cheat days) and I’ve found it pretty enjoyable. I don’t feel hungry between meals, I don’t have blood sugar drops and spikes, my skin looks great (giving up sugar and booze will do that…!) and I really enjoy the food I’m eating.

It would be really, really easy to exist mostly on cheese on keto and I’m eating cheese pretty regularly but trying to eat loads of salad, veg, fish and healthy fats for the most part.

From left to right low carb tuna poke, roast lamb with pickled onions, charred leaks and dolcelatte, cougettes stuffed with mushrooms and cream cheese and roast chicken ramen with zoodles.  Yum. Life lately babb a photo personal post keto food

Some random thoughts

I’ve struggled with my mental health since the start of the year.  I wondered whether to mention it but I am all for removing stigma, where ever possible and I don’t mind admitting I’ve had a rough time for a little while.  I feel like I’m coming out the other side though (all the walking, good food plus some help from medication has made a massive difference) and I’m really looking forward to the renewed purpose that wedding season always brings.

Because mental health is something that’s really close to my heart, I’m excited that SNAP (the event that I run for photographers) will be partnering with Blurt to create buddy boxes for our attendees.  You can read about that here if you like.

Keep in touch:

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