SNAP Beach Day smaller-2As we edge into August I’m wondering where this year’s gone.  When you’re a wedding photographer summer seems to whizz by in the blink of an eye and this year has been no exception.

I was interviewed this week by and they asked about work life balance.  It’s something I’m really working on at the moment because, if I am very honest, I’m not really that great at looking after myself.

The pictures accompanying this post were all taken at a SNAP Photography Festival meet up.   A group of us took a day off, even though a day off in the middle of wedding season is often inconceivable, and we headed to Broadstairs on the Kent coast for a day of sea swimming, fish and chip eating and beer drinking.  It was blissful.

Our move to Bath has really helped with balance, actually.  I live a ten minute walk from a gym with a pool and I’ve been swimming regularly.  It really helps to clear my head and I’d forgotten how much I love being in the water.  Being able to swim in the sea in Spain recently and then again in Broadstairs was wonderful (although the Kent coast was a bit chillier than the Med!).

Following my trip to the seaside, I actually have a few weekends off.  It’s not something I’ve ever really done in the middle of wedding season before but I feel like I really, really need it this year.

Life on the road, followed by SNAP, followed by moving to Bath and then launching straight into a busy wedding season has mean that this year has felt relentlessly busy.  It’s great to have some space to catch up with my editing backlog, but it’s also really nice to have some time to hang out with friends and do summer things like go to Wilderness festival next week.

All in all this little break and tiny slice of summer has come at just the right time and I’m looking forward to heading to Ireland refreshed and ready for my next wedding in a few weeks time.

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