quirky wedding photosI might have made a small squeak of delight when I saw these pictures by Alice.  The colours combined with the happiness that radiates from Kate and Elliot in every single picture is just lovely.  Happiness and colour aside there was also Pimms in jars, a laid back BBQ and an ice cream van.   I know Alice loved every minute of Kate and Elliot’s Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living wedding photography in Hertfordshire.

Scroll down to the bottom to read more about Kate and Elliot’s wedding in their own words below.

Here’s what they had to say about their Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living wedding photography with Alice:

We found Babb Photo through google searches and absolutely loved the photos, as well as the style of photography which isn’t too formal and captures the essence of the day and all the little moments.  Since having worked with Alice, we have to say it absolutely made the day for us. She was beyond brilliant – not intrusive (I don’t even remember her being there in the ceremony but she clearly was!) and really friendly and lovely to work with. Everyone has said how brilliant she was since the day, and I cried when I saw the photos as they were absolutely perfect and totally captured the day.  

Scroll to the bottom to read more about Kate and Elliot’s day and to find out about the amazing suppliers that were part of it.  If you’re looking for Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living wedding photography get in touch!

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We met in university halls in Sheffield, we got engaged 2 and a half years later through a very unromantic discussion then got married 2 years after that!

The Venue
We chose the venue because we loved that we would be able to create the wedding we wanted – very DIY! – rather than choosing from a formula. It was near Kate’s parents which meant that we could call in favours from her friends and people she knew, which turned out to be incredibly helpful!

The Outfits
Kate – I tried on several very expensive dresses in London and realised I loved the tea-length vintagey style dresses more, so researched brands that did that style and found this dress in a small shop in Derbyshire. I only picked it up off the rack because I thought it was so beautiful – it wasn’t actually the style I thought I wanted – and just loved it – particularly the neckline and the back

Elliot – Tried on a few navy blue suits in Next and this one fitted well!

The Flowers
The florist who did the bouquets was local and my mum had used her on several occasions so we knew she was really good.  My mum and some of her friends who are gardeners chose all the other flowers – for the tables etc – and did all the arrangements in about 4 hours on Friday morning!

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was officiated by my cousin who is a vicar but it was completely non-religious and made up by us, in collaboration with him.. We had my friend Hannah sing ‘Fly me to the moon’ by Frank Sinatra, and Elliot’s dad read a poem called ‘Love’ by Roy Croft which we really loved. Our vows were tailored to reflect the things we feel are most important in our relationship. We especially loved the bit where my cousin asked everyone to show their support for us in unison, and the moment of quiet reflection we had.

The Entertainment
We had a band in the evening who were amazing and everyone was dancing! During the day we had games including giant Jenga and beanbag throwing, and also an ice-cream van and a pizza van!

The Words of Wisdom
The advice everyone gave me was to take time out to process the day because it will go by so quickly – is totally true and I’m glad I did manage to do that occasionally!

My advice would be to take time to have a chat with everyone there. I didn’t because I thought I would have all day, and I missed catching up with some important people (though I had a good dance with them!).  And take time for just the two of you – one of the nicest times we had was running to the car together to put something away, because there was no-one else there.

The Credits
Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living Wedding Photography – Babb Photo
Dress – Loulou Bridal – The Bridal Room
Suit and Ties – Next – http://www.next.co.uk/
Earrings – Accessorize – http://uk.accessorize.com/
Shoes – Schuh – http://www.schuh.co.uk/
Florist – Town Garden – http://www.towngarden.co.uk/
Venue – The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living –http://www.enchantedgardenevents.co.uk/
Decor/Styling – Us! Plus Fleur de Lace – http://fleurdelace.co.uk/
Cake Maker – Vanilla Cloud – http://www.vanillacloudcakes.com/cafe-cakes-and-bakes/
Caterer – Casino Caterers – http://www.casino-caterers.co.uk/
Bridesmaid Dresses – Asos – http://www.asos.com/ & Promod –http://www.promod.com/
Wedding Planner – Enchanted Garden Events –http://www.enchantedgardenevents.co.uk/
Stationery – designed by Kate’s cousin
Entertainment – Black & Gold – https://earcandylive.co.uk/

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