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Oh my gosh I was excited when Anna and Caspar contacted me to see if I was free for their Hauser and Wirth Somerset wedding.  Much like Anna and Caspar I love art and architecture, as well as really loving the countryside, so this little gem of a really contemporary but rural art gallery with all of it's quirks, nestled in the Somerset countryside is now firmly on my favourite wedding venues list.  You can have your drinks reception in a former Serpentine Pavillion for crying out loud!

Anna and Caspar were a joy to work with too.  They wanted their wedding to be all about having a laid back and lovely day with their nearest and dearest.  Here's what they had to say about it:

The Beginning

We met September 2007, in New York, where we were both on work placements for a year. We got together in October 2008 when we returned to London and have been together ever since. We decided to get engaged when on holiday in Nantucket and New York, July 2014, and were engaged for just over a year before our wedding day on 5 September.

Scroll down to read more about Anna and Caspar's Hauser & Wirth Somerset wedding.

Hauser Wirth Wedding venue Babb photo
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Hauser and Wirth wedding Somerset
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Hauser Wirth Wedding Somerset Babb Photo
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Documentary Wedding Photography Babb Photo
Hauser and Wirth wedding Somerset
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The Venues

We both grew up in the countryside (Anna in Dorset, Caspar in Oxfordshire) and also love the city. We also share a love of art and architecture so couldn't believe our luck when we discovered the Hauser & Wirth art gallery and The Roth Bar & Grill - the perfect location for a chilled and quirky reception. We wanted our guests to be treated to a fun and completely different experience.

The ceremony took place St Nicholas' church, Sandford Orcas, the little village in Dorset where Anna grew up and where her parents still live. Anna has very special memories of the church and the village - so the choice was a no-brainer! It was amazing to be able to walk from home to the church on the day.

The Outfits

Anna's dress - I didn't feel at all comfortable or myself in a long white, traditional wedding dress so chose a simple shape that I always love wearing and worked with a designer and embroiders separately to design my dress. The embroidery was inspired by McQueen and William Morris styles.

We both loved feeling completely at ease and ourselves - free to dash around and see all our closest family and friends - and (attempt to) DANCE!

The Flowers and Decor

We wanted a very relaxed feel for the day and asked Georgie, our florist, to apply this to the flower style. Georgie chose seasonal meadow flowers from her garden and the bouquet flowers mirrored the style of flowers in the embroidery of Anna's dress.

The Photography

We loved the honesty of your pictures - they aren't posed or over-treated like many of the other photographers' portfolios we looked through. We feel you capture people's true character rather then trying to make everything look too perfect and 'chocolate box'.

We felt totally relaxed working with you - a massive achievement as Anna can't stand having her photo taken. You were both totally chilled yet completely in control and, perhaps most importantly, had a great sense of humour so we really enjoyed spending time with you both.

Favourite Laura moment - seeing you sprinting after a herd of cows blocking the road from the church to the reception. What dedication!

The First Dance

Prince, I want to be your lover - it makes us both smile.

The Words of Wisdom

A note of reassurance from two former wedding-skeptics to other couples: it may be a nightmare to organise but it's totally worth it in the end - we had never felt so happy and loved as we did on our wedding day

The Credits

Katy Cordina // Laura Campbell at Hand & Lock // Melanie Giles // Christy Waterfall //  Alex Monroe // Gianvito Rossi // Common Farm Flowers // St Nicholas' Church, Sandford Orcas // Hauser & Wirth Somerset // Stylish Entertainment // Betty Soldi calligraphy and design


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  1. What a cool, laidback wedding and an amazing venue. Also totally loving Anna’s dress. Beautifully and evocatively shot too, as always!


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