A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hanging out with Stephanie and Dale for their Hampstead pre wedding photography shoot.

They’re getting married in Italy this month and they’re working with an Italian photographer (although I tried realllyyyyy hard to get them to take me with them as their destination wedding photographer!) but they wanted to give a nod to a city that’s really special to them, so they decided to have an engagement shoot in London.

If you’re looking for beautiful locations for your Hampstead pre wedding photography the pergola at Hampstead Heath is a totally hidden gem and a stupidly beautiful place to start. It’s kind of magical and feels like you’re anywhere but the middle of North London so when Stephanie and Dale asked me to suggest a location for their shoot it was at the top of my list, followed by a jaunt through the pretty architecture of Hampstead village.

I love the cobbled streets and quaint houses. Hampstead really is a beautiful place to shoot and it has quite a few awesome pubs, like the lovely Holy Bush Pub where we finished our shoot with a glass of wine.  We also found a very Narnia-esq lamp post which I got a bit excited about.

Thanks for a brilliant shoot, Stephanie and Dale.  Here’s wishing you a brilliant wedding and a wonderful life together!

hampstead engagement photography

Babb Photo:  London wedding photographer.  If you’re looking for an awesome, award winning wedding photographer who loves cheese just as much as you do get in touch! 

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