Emma and Henry’s Great House at Sonning wedding with cricket and a brass band

Is there anything more quintessentially English than a mid-wedding game of cricket?  Emma and Henry married at St Andrews Church in Sonning, on a perfect summer’s day.  Their whole wedding from prep to party took place within a half mile radius, in a beautiful Berkshire village.  

Emma and Henry have known each other for over 13 years and they’d been together for 9 years by the time their wedding day came around.  One of the highlights of their day was seeing the Hackney Colliery Band surprise guests at the church and lead them through the village to The Great House.  The band played again later in the evening too and they really were amazing.

It was also wonderful escaping to the river for a few portraits and seeing Emma and Henry being cheered by passing boats.  Scroll down to the bottom to find out a little bit more about Emma and Henry’s perfect slice of summer for their Great House at Sonning wedding.

Hackney colliery band leading wedding guests Great House at Sonning wedding guests enjoying sunshine A bride in laboutin shoes Bridesmaids and brides flowers in white and cream by Milly Davey Flowers Cream and green floral decor with woodland vibes The Great House at Sonning wedding photography

What were you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

The getting married part! Finally, after all this planning, we actually get married which is what this has all been about, so that’s exciting. We were also really looking forward to the church part actually. They’ve had us go six times in the run up to the wedding, which has actually been so nice – feels really homely going to Sonning now!

What were your favourite parts of the day?

We loved having all our nearest and dearest friends and family there all day. And having a glass of bubbly with them, seeing their smiling faces and sharing a moment together.

The band – we love a brass band and have seen Hackney Colliery Band play live, so can’t believe they played our wedding!  Henry was also really excited about playing garden cricket with 50 friends standing around and Emma being the umpire.

What was your wedding styling inspiration?

Relaxed, elegant, leafy! Or… secret, enchanted, sparkly, garden forest…. !!

Our colour scheme was countryside/woodland greens, gold and cream – with a splash of electric bright blue shoes with red soles under the bride’s dress.

We wanted LOTS of foliage, candlelight and twinkly lights.

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