tuscany wedding_-7I’ve been stock piling some of my travel images to share, from our time travelling around this Autumn.  We’re currently staying with Pete’s parents in Devon and as is often the way when you stop and breathe I’ve been struck down by a cold.

We left our house in London at the start of October and since then we’ve been to Norfolk, Scotland, Wales, Essex several times, back to London, to the Lake District and then finally I headed over to Italy, for Tutto Cuore.

I loved Florence.  It was exactly what I hoped for, from an Italian city.  I met up with my friend Megan, who was visiting from the US and also attending the workshop.  Megan and her partner Josh showed me the sights.  We ate in a little Trattoria, we wandered the streets, we listened to buskers and we stopped by the river after dark to watch the twinkling lights.

And then we headed out into the Tuscan countryside for the workshop.

I had been booked to attend a much bigger, conference type event but sitting in a lecture hall and watching a disconnected speaker on a stage really wasn’t what I need at this point in the year.  I wanted something more intimate and Tutto Coure was just that.

A small group of us hung out in a castle, ate pizza, drank wine and talked to Kristen, Phil and Amanda about their businesses and how they work with couples.  We watched them shoot and then we all sat down for a beautiful Italian meal cooked by an amazing private chef.

The workshop really reminded me of what’s important in terms of my values and the way I want to engage with and work with my couples.

Here are a few pictures from around Florence and Tuscany.  There are are also a few from the shoot at the workshop at the end of the post.

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