Beach editorial bridal shoot Donegal

Donegal Wedding Photography – An editorial shoot at Learning to Fly

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve been in Ireland for a couple of weeks. I was initially heading over to go back to Learning to Fly, a photography retreat and I spoke at it last year (and I’m judging their photography awards this year), but somewhere along the way I also decided to climb a mountain.

I’ve been to Ireland a few times now and it’s hands down one of my favourite places on earth. The landscapes are beautiful, the people are friendly and I love the culture.

Chasing the Dawn light

Last year at Learning to Fly I was juggling a lot and I decided to miss the dawn shoot, in favour of a lie-in. Do you know what happened? Some wild dolphins made an appearance. Really. I was pretty sad to have missed it, so I wasn’t going to make the same mistake this year.

I set my alarm, pulled on my waterproofs (the rain was lashing down at 6am!) and, after fuelling up with coffee, I headed to the beach with the rest of the Learning to Fly group.

A run in with a horse

Collete and Declan were our models for the shoot, along with a flighty horse that took a serious dislike to my bright yellow bobble hat. The dolphins, sadly, didn’t make an appearance but there was beautiful light and magical Culdaff beach. I don’t often shoot in such beautiful locations and when I do I don’t always have a lot of time, so it was a real luxury to be able to take some time to shoot as the sun came up.

Here are some of my shots from the dawn shoot. Collette’s beautiful dress is from Reclamation.

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Beach bridal editorial Donegal Beach editorial bridal shoot Donegal

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