Confetti wedding photography; how to have epic and joyful confetti wedding photos what ever your confetti style

I can take or leave many wedding traditions but one I absolutely adore is the throwing of confetti and creating confetti wedding pictures. I thi

None of this leaving-it-to-the-older-generation-to-throw-small-handfuls-of-horseshoe-shaped-confetti-they-bought-with-them either.  As far as confetti goes more is more.  Buy what you think you need and then double it.  And then add a bit extra for good measure.  Seriously, there is nothing more frustrating than a small puff of confetti vanishing in the wind.

You wouldn’t think throwing confetti would need any navigation but there are some things to think about. Because of that I’m sharing some of my favourite confetti wedding pictures. I’m including the type of confetti that was used for each image and how I photographed it.

Keep reading for some of my favourite confetti wedding photos over the years, with behind the scenes info and a tip or two!

bride and groom walking up aisle in shower of colourful confetti

Colourful round, biodegradable confetti

Katie and Des opted for a shower of colourful round, biodegradable confetti. Their wedding celebrant asked guests to be ready to throw their confetti as they walked back down the aisle. Confetti tip: ask guests to take their confetti out of the packets. Beautifully styled confetti packets look great on chairs before the ceremony, but less so when they’re hurtling towards you!


Sicily wedding villa fago-4

Rice rice baby (sorry!)

Kate and David were married in Sicily, where Davide is from. It’s tradition there to shower the couple with rice. This was very spontaneous and captured in a reportage or documentary wedding photography style. I love the expression on Kate’s face.  Confetti tip: rice can be pretty brutal, so that’s something to keep in mind!  You’ll probably be picking it out of your clothes all day too!

Wedding confetti push pops

Another colourful confetti shower. Saira and Jim’s guests were given confetti push-pops with these colourful circular confetti disks inside. Guests fired them as they exited Islington Town Hall in London. Confetti tip: have your wedding party ask guests to aim high! Your confetti will cascade down slowly which makes for amazing confetti wedding photos.

Confetti exist humanist outdoor wedding The House Meadow

Dried real flower petal confetti

Tor and Simon opted for real flower petals at their House Meadow wedding.  It was a breezy day and I captured this as they walked back up the aisle. Dried petals smell absolutely divine but they’re not always the most visible in pictures. They’re another type of confetti that you’ll be picking out of your hair for the rest of the day. Confetti tip: stick with bigger petals like roses and delphinium rather than lavender

Best creative Wedding Photographer UK103

Sparkly confetti on a rainy day

Michaela and Luke opted for industrial glam gold and silver confetti squares for their Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding.  This shot was set up in the entrance to the venue, as it was raining outside.  Confetti tip: you need specific circumstances to be able to capture confetti inside. Chat to me about the feasibility of a wet weather plan.

Confetti canons to electrify your first dance

Sarah and Matthew opted to jazz up their dance floor with some perfectly timed. As you can see it makes a really fun first dance picture.  You could even hire commercial canons so they go off mechanically and shower you in LOADS of paper. I had to set up lighting to capture this shot, so please do let me know if this is something you’re planning. Confetti tip: make sure the people who are in charge of the confetti canons know exactly when to fire. It’s also a good idea to brief them on how they work beforehand.

Best creative Wedding Photographer UK005

Colourful confetti sticks and a confetti portrait

At Fliss and Charlie’s Essex wedding I whisked them away, along with a few members of their wedding party, to set up this portrait. I absolutely love using confetti creatively for portraits. Negative space + confetti filling the frame = dreamy! Confetti tip: allow a bit of extra time in your portrait session if you want to achieve this type of shot, as it’ll need a little bit of coordination.

Those are some of my top tips for awesome confetti wedding photos. Do you have a favourite kind of confetti? I’d love to hear what you’re planning. If you’d like to have a chat about me capturing your confetti (and the rest of your day) you can get in touch here.

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