Creative Christmas Wedding Ideas for Winter Weddings

All this week on my blog I’ve been sharing a bunch of wintery weddings to give you some Christmas wedding ideas. Today I’m going to share some of my favourite ideas from weddings I’ve photographed. Keep reading for all of the inspiration you need to plan your Christmas wedding.

Before continue, here’s all of the Christmas and wintery wedding goodness I’ve shared this week!

Bride and groom light installation christmas wedding ideas

This post has a whole load of tips to help you get the most from your winter wedding photography. It talks about timings, working with the light that’s available and other things to consider.

Bride and groom in front of Christmas tree at London pub

Laura and David had an intimate foodie wedding at Islington Town Hall and Aulis. I loved the laid back, intimate family vibe. They also invited me to join them for some of the best food I’ve ever eaten!

Alternative liverpool wedding photos

Suze and Paul had a cosy and cool wedding at Leaf on Bold Street, in Liverpool. I loved the cosy bar where they had their reception and Paul singing to Suze was just magical.

Bride and groom portrait brick wall woolley grange

Annika and Alisdair had an intimate family wedding at Wolley Grange, Bradford-on-Avon. It was just them and their closest family and it was lovely to be a part of it.

Dulwich couple portrait winter

Jenny and Tommy had a cosy winter wedding at The Asylum and The Lordship pub. It was warm and inviting and I loved shooting it.

Christmas wedding at The Waldorf Hotel London.

Nadim and Gillian had a Christmas wedding at The Waldorf. Everything about it was classic London and it was a magical day.

Opulent Winter Colours and Twinkly Lights

I think we can all agree that when styling a Christmas wedding there’s a danger of it looking themed. You probably don’t want your wedding to look like Buddy the Elf threw up on it (although if you do, I fully support you and would 100% want to be your wedding photographer!).

Luckily, there are lots of creative ways to incorporate a Christmassy vibe into your wedding without it feeling overdone.

Purple and red wedding styling for Christmas wedding

For their St Barts Brewery Wedding, Megan and Sarah went for opulent wintery colours, gold cutlery, plenty of wintery foliage and twinkly fairy lights.  They also had Christmas crackers made for each of their guests! This wedding was beautifully styled and planned by Always Andri. International guests also got to see the best of London with a magical London eye flight and a trip on a Routemaster bus.

Cosy blankets to keep guests toasty and warm!

If it’s chilly outside, blankets are a great idea to keep your guests warm. They can also be a beautiful addition to your styling too! Pick blankets that match your colours scheme and drape them on the backs of your ceremony chairs, like Megan and Sarah did.
Blankets as wedding favours christmas wedding ideas

Suze and Paul provided tartan blankets to reflect Paul’s Scottish heritage. They came in handy later in the evening, as guests processed through the chilly streets of Liverpool, led by Paul’s nephew playing the bagpipes!

Serve mulled wine or cider, and pie and mash

It’s three days before Christmas and I haven’t had any mulled wine this year. What am I even doing with my life? There’s also been a surprising lack of mince pies and I plan to remedy that soon.

Mulled cider and pie and mash served at winter weddingMulled wine or mulled cider is a great way to warm your guests up. It’s a lovely wintery alternative to post-ceremony prosecco or champagne. Grace and Su-Min had mulled cider at their Loft Studios Wedding and it kept their guests warm enough to spend some time outside and make the most of the last of the winter light.

If you’re having a long wedding day, pie and mash is a great alternative to canapes. It’s a brilliant winter warmer and it goes down especially well when a lot of your guests are visiting from other countries.

Wear a coat. Or a cape!

If you’re a groom, you’ll probably just about manage in the cold, although you might want to pop a cosy vest on under your shirt if you’re spending time outside.

Bride in red cape at winter weddingMost dresses, however, aren’t really weather appropriate for winter. Luckily that gives you an awesome excuse to buy a lovely coat to complete your outfit. Alternatively, get a cape because who doesn’t love a cape? Whether you opt for a cape or a coat, you can reuse either after the wedding.

Pinecones and natural wintery decor

I loved this naked cake, decorated with gold sprayed fruit and pine cones, for Kat and Jon’s wedding at The Prince Albert. Golds and creams are a great way of bringing a touch of Christmas to your styling, if you prefer a more neutral colour palette. This cake by Walnuts and Honey was decorated perfectly.
Naked cake with pinecones and gold fruit

Quirky Christmas wedding ideas

If you’re looking for something a little less classic, painted pinecones, candy canes and sprigs of mistletoe can add some Christmas fun.  Add in festoon lights, woodland animals and glittery vases for a more alternative approach to Christmas decor.

Quirky christmas wedding ideas

Wedding sparkler fun

Bride and groom sparkler shot Christmas wedding

Finally, what’s more festive and lovely than sparklers? Just be aware that they’re not the safest thing to be handing out to people who’ve been drinking(!). If you are planning to do sparklers it’s best to do them as early as possible and chat with your wedding photographer about logistics, as their insurance might not cover shots that involve directing people with sparklers!

Are you planning a winter wedding? Are you using any of these Christmas wedding ideas? If you’re looking for a photographer for your Christmas wedding I’d love to chat with you, so get in touch.

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