chittering-farm-wedding-photographer-cambridge-124When Chloe and Stephen got in touch to talk about their Chittering farm wedding photography I think I was sold after the words ‘wake boarding lake, festival style wedding and graffiti’.  On the day Chloe and Stephen’s day was laid back and full of joy.  Pete and I really loved being a part of it.

Here’s what Chloe and Stephen had to say about their day:

The Photography
Our photography was simply amazing. The main reason I chose Babb Photo was based upon the fact that Laura mentioned that she loves tattoos, glitter and Dr Martens on her website. That sold it to me! I also spent time looking through her gallery and loved the photo-journalistic style photos she was able to create.

Laura made us both feel so comfortable, especially as we are not a slushy couple and were worried about the photos of just us. Laura made us feel at ease and made us laugh. We couldn’t be happier with our choice!

The Beginning
We have been together for 11 years and met in a local pub. Stephen put ‘She’s Electric’ on the Jukebox and Oasis are my favourite band. I was a little tipsy and we started chatting. The rest as they say is history!

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The Venue
Stephen is a keen wakeboarder and so knew Hannams Wakeboard Hub, the location of our wedding well. He went to the lake one day and spotted a wedding happening and he called me to come and have a look.  I did and we both fell in love with the place. It was perfect for the informal, festival style wedding that we wanted to achieve.

The Outfits
I was really worried about finding a dress that I would like. I don’t really wear dresses and I hate wearing formal clothes. After trying on a few of the typical dresses and hating all of them, my best friend Kat came to the rescue after googling ‘Bohemian style’ wedding dresses. Eventually I found a shop that sold Terry Fox wedding dresses and really liked all of them. When I finally tried on my dress, which is called Whisper, I knew it was the one. I had to do lots of searching for samples as it was a little out of my price range. I eventually found it, within budget and raced to purchase. I loved wearing it more than I thought I would. It really was so special.

I also had a necklace from a shop in Beijing called the Shard Box, which sells antique porcelain form before the Chinese cultural revolution. It was old, new and blue at the same time. It dated back to the 160os.

Steve’s dad passed away last summer and we wanted to pay homage to him as much as we could. Steve’s dad wore a very bohemian paisley shirt on his wedding day and whilst we couldn’t find a shirt like that for Steve, we were able to find a beautiful tie with a simelar pattern.

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was incredibly special as it was lead by my nest friend Kat, who was also chief bridesmaid. We were legally married the day before in the registry office. We had 3 readings and 4 blessings. I chose the readings based on the fact that I didn’t want anything too soppy, sexist or unrelatable!  The readings were a snippet from a quote by Einstein on relativity and love, a poem by Roy Croft, called I Love You, and another poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. Our vows were the traditional style vows as we didn’t want to make the ceremony too out there!

The Decor
One of my very good friends, Rosie Bailey, has always had a keen eye for anything to do with flowers and gardening. She recently set up her own business called Wild Florals. After seeing posts of her flower arranging, I knew she would be the bets person for the job. i wanted to create a very natural feel, that echoed the environment. She did it beautifully.

The First Dance
Bob Marley “Is this love’- we chose it because we both love a bit of Bob and we danced to it a lot when we were on holiday in America in 2008.

The Entertainment
Our friends who are DJs offered to do the music for us- we had a mixture of hip hop, soul, funky house and jungle!

The Words of Wisdom
Do it your way and keep things in perspective. Make sure to spend time with each other and look at what you have achieved. Most of all have fun, dance and have a good drink!

The Credits
Outfits (Designer & boutique ) Terry Fox
Jewellery (Designer & boutique) Harriet Kelsall
Shoes Hudson shoes
Florist Rosie Bailey Wild Florals
Venue Chittering Farm, Stretham, Ely, Cambridgeshire
Cake Maker Barkers Bakery
Decor/styling Dolly’s Vintage Tea Party
Caterer Fired up Mobile Pizza
Bridesmaids Dresses

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