Best creative Wedding Photographer UK021

I don’t have children but I find watching other people parenting endlessly fascinating.  I also love observing young children at weddings.  They’re brilliant to photograph, for one thing, but I also like the fact that they’re often blissfully unaware of the reason for being there.

Children at weddings have often been dressed up in clothes that aren’t quite compatible with their overwhelming desire to explore every inch of a new environment, and the tension is often palpable as their parents try to get them though to at least the end of the ceremony without getting messy.

I love this shot from Laura and Brian’s West Lexham wedding because mum, just out of frame except for her beautiful shoes, is clearly watching, making sure her small person is safe, but letting her explore the world at the same time.

You can’t see either of their faces, but there’s the story even so.

Oh and I’d totally wear that bunny dress if it came in my size.


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