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I love an elopement and Ara and Alistair’s Chelsea Town Hall Elopement Photography was a really wonderful ways to spend a few hours.

Old Chelsea Town Hall is a really popular venue for London elopements and intimate weddings.  It has pretty rock and roll credentials with everyone from Judy Garland to Roman Polanski tying the knot there, along with a whole host of amazing restaurants on the doorstep, so there are loads of options for post elopement celebrations.

Ara and Alistair live in Chelsea so their London elopement, which will be followed up with a big party in Spain, was held close to home and involved just their parents, along with Alistair’s Sister and her partner.  It was beautifully intimate and relaxed.

After their ceremony we walked through the streets of Chelsea, stopping for pictures and congratulations from well wishers along the way, then they popped back to their flat for some pictures at home, before heading off to spend the afternoon eating lunch and celebrating.

You can read about the day in their own words below.

The Beginning

We met through work. Ara was working in Brussels, and we met at a meeting (although only Alistair remembers!). We then dated from Brussels to London for 18 months, and Ara moved to London two years ago. Alistair proposed to me completely out of the blue this February, with a really amazing sustainability sourced diamond! (I work in a sustainability department of a jewellery company so this is important to me!)

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Chelsea Elopement Ara and AlistairChelsea Town Hall Wedding PhotographyChelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-3Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-4Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-5Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-6Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-7Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-8Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-9Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-10Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-11Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-12Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-13Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-14Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-15Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-16Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-17Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-18Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-19Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-20Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-21Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-22Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-23Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-24Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-25Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-26Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-27Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-28Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-29Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-30Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-32Chelsea Elopement Ara and Alistair-33Chelsea Town Hall Elopement

The Ceremony

We wanted a small ceremony in the UK, as I have a large family in Spain. We will have a bigger celebration in Spain the future. The Chelsea town hall was therefore prefect, it is a beautiful venue, close to our house and had some amazing small rooms for the ceremony. The choice for lunch (The Medlar restaurant) was easy-it is right next to our house!

The Outfits

Alistair chose his suit at Austin Reid and his shirt and tie for Gieves and Hawkes. He wore Church consults with the suit.

Ara chose a Spanish brand, Intropia, with beautiful detailed gowns. Shoes were also from a Spanish brand, Paco Herrero.

The Styling

We were looking for simple and natural details. Amanda Austin, a few minutes away from home, made a beautiful yet simple bouquet and table decoration that enhaced the dress and room, without making it too overelaborated.
We also purchased the deco from The Wedding of my Dreams, an excellent blog with plenty of ideas.

The Ceremony

We kept things simple as my father doesn’t speak much English and we thought that it would be easier for him to follow simple vows. I said parts of it in Spanish though (and I think Alistair understood!)

The Photography

We loved Laura’s work. She was very professional, and made all our guests feel very comfortable having their photos taken. We particularly liked that we didn’t have to spend all our time posing, but could be natural. The photos we have seen so far are amazing! We would definitely use Laura again.

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