We could go on for days about Babb Photo, there’s so much to say. All of which is great we hasten to add. We met Laura and Pete at Callum’s best friend’s wedding which they were shooting. Callum was best man and Adam was an usher so it was an ideal time to see them at work as not only were we being photographed but we were helping to organise as well. They were so friendly and relaxed and fun and seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves and clearly wanted to capture the best of the couple so we knew we liked them. We asked to meet up with them to discuss our wedding and talk more about their photography style and approach. We quickly learned that meeting wedding suppliers is a bit like going on a first date and you quickly realise if there’s a spark or not. After our 3rd glass of wine we were pretty convinced. (I’d like to add that Laura was professional throughout and we’d done the important stuff before the wine!) She explained about her documentary style and showed us examples. Her and Pete have this amazing ability to capture the feel of the day, they’re quick to spot relationships that may have 20 years of history behind them, they’re relaxed and unobtrusive yet also feel like an old friend who is a guest in their own right. We love the observed shots as much as the posed shots for this reason. A photographer is with you for the entire day so its essential you get on with them but more than that, Laura works really hard to build a relationship with you in the lead up to the wedding. Offering advice on any number of things, checking in with you and when it comes to the crunch working extensively to be prepared for the day so you can leave her to get on with her job and you can go off an have fun. There’s a reason she was the first thing we booked and why were arranging to meet up for a drink in the New year.

Check out Callum and Adam’s Pembroke Lodge wedding photography.

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