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“So, just a short note to tell you we LOVE the pictures! I can’t stop looking at them. They are fun, emotional, colourful, touching… just amazing! Thanks so much for putting your heart and soul into them!!! ” – Carla and Cris

This was my second wedding at Brixton East and I’m there again later this year.  It’s a brilliant, blank canvas warehouse space in Brixton, South London, and it’s the perfect spot for a cool wedding and the type of gritty and urban wedding photography I love.  In fact we did Carla and Cris’ wedding portraits on the Council estate over the road.  You don’t get much grittier!

Carla got in contact with me before they’d even set a date, to tell me that they wanted me to be their wedding photographer.  It’s always a massive compliment when a couple loves your work enough to get in touch before they’ve even finalised the details of the day.

They booked me for shorter coverage and the day was a joy to be a part of, as it was full of such a wonderful energy.

Here’s what happened:

Wandsworth Town Hall.  There’s an excited buzz, as Carla and Cris’ families gather in the Council chamber.  They’ve travelled from all over the world, from as far away as South America. It’s a truly international affair complete with a close friend who’s translating the ceremony into Spanish.  There’s laughter and hugging as friends and family members introduce themselves.

Carla makes her entrance, grinning from ear to ear and dressed in a cream 60s style dress with a bird cage veil.  The ceremony is emotional and Cris cries, as the friend that introduced them talks about their first meeting.

They are married and they kiss passionately to prove it, before waving to their friends and family all over the world who have been unable to make it but are watching via Wandsworth Council’s web cam.

They exit the Town Hall and make their way on to the waiting red Routemaster London bus that whisks them around London for a tour.  They arrive at Brixton East where The Travelling Gin Company wait with their gin bicycles and Pizza Pilgrims, who have parked their blue Piaggio pizza oven inside and are stoking up the fire.  Friends and family chat while drinking gin and eating empanadas.

Everyone sits down to eat as pizzas and bowls of salads are passed around tables and lively real ale is poured from a barrel.  Carla and Cris both make a short speech through a megaphone and then they head over to cut their beautiful, gold Bea’s of Bloomsbury cake which Carla’s friends arranged as a gift.  I leave them as the party starts and I’m told you’ll have to peel them off the dance floor.

Congratulations Carla and Cris.  I absolutely loved being a part of your wedding.

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  1. The most gorgeous set of images yet! I especially loved the first one, and the one where her lipstick is all over the grooms mouth- so cute. This couple has some serious style and they chose the perfect photographer to capture it!

  2. Awesome stuff and I love the portraits – using the slightly infamous Patmore estate and turning it into a simple geometric background!


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