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Birmingham’s coolest wedding venues! Creative, quirky and fun wedding venues in the Midlands

Now that I’ve relocated to Birmingham, I’m on the hunt for some interesting, quirky or unique wedding venues that might attract creative couples. I’ve photographed weddings in Birmingham before, but not for a while, so I thought I’d do a bit of research to find out where Birmingham’s coolest wedding venues are located.

If you’re looking for somewhere unique to hold your Birmingham wedding, I’ve done the research so you don’t have to! I’ve also thrown in a few of my own recent images for good measure, so you can get a feel for my work and check out my style.  Once you have your venue booked, get in touch to chat about creative wedding photography to match your creative venue! 

A cool art gallery wedding venue in Birmingham

Art gallery wedding venue Birmingham ikon

I love art and I love clean, bright spaces so the two things combined are pretty much perfect.  An art gallery is a great choice if you want a creative space with lots of lovely light. The added bonus is that you’ll have the unique backdrop of whatever exhibition is showing at the time! 

Ikon Gallery has two floors available for hire. One can seat 90 and one can seat 100 or you can have up to 150 standing on either floor.  The venue is located in Brindly Place, which is just a short walk from New Street Station. 

Birmingham's coolest wedding venues  same sex wedding photographer

This is not Ikon gallery… just in case it’s not clear…this is me showing you my pictures, just in case you might kind of like them… 

A unique farm wedding venue near Birmingham

Rustic stylish outdoor wedding venue field-farm-barn-and-garden I mean look at this.  How pretty?!

Ok so this venue is about an hour outside of Birmingham but I wanted to include a suggestion for creative couples who love the outdoors.  Field Farm Barn and Garden is stylish, rustic and lovely with a timber-framed barn, a natural perennial garden, a covered outdoor space and 100 acres of grounds for you to explore. 

There are a lot of uninspiring barn venues in the world but this definitely isn’t one of them. Field Farm used to be a former hop farm, so I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to point you in the direction of some awesome craft beer too.  Birmingham barn wedding venue

This was not taken at Field Farm but it was taken at another outdoor wedding, so you can pretend it was…


Warehouse Wedding Venue Birmingham

Fazeley Studios coolest wedding venue Birmingham

Ok so it’s not really a warehouse.  There aren’t really any warehouse style venues in Birmingham if you’re looking for the exposed brickwork, industrial look. Fazeley Studios is a bright clean space with an industrial feel though, so it’s a good one to check out. It’s recently been refurbished and is experienced at hosting weddings.  Features include high ceilings, bags of natural light and the backdrop of gritty and urban Digbeth. 

Bride and Groom in front of neon sign
Also not taken in Birmingham… you’re starting to get the gist…

Pub wedding venue Birmingham – The Rose Villa Tavern

There seems to be a wild lack of pub venues in Birmingham, which is surprising.  One pub that does weddings is The Rose Villa Tavern.  I couldn’t actually find any usable images online, so here’s a picture from entirely different and unrelated pub venues in an entirely different city…  

pub wedding venue Birmingham

Not the Rose Villa Tavern etc etc

What I’ve learned from this research into Birmingham’s Coolest Wedding Venues is that, as a city Birmingham is a bit lacking in alternative wedding venues. It’s surprising given the thriving creative scene here. I am sure there are a bunch of hidden gems and I’d love to hear about them! Are you getting married in a cool Birmingham venue? Tell me all about it in the comments.

If you’re looking for a creative wedding photographer in Birmingham get in touch! You can also check out more of my work on my blog!