Bignor Park on a summer’s day is about as idillic as you can get. With sweeping views over the Sussex countryside, beautifully landscaped gardens and loads of character-full backdrops, I was really excited to provide Robyn and Tom’s Bignor Park wedding photography and to have a chance to photograph such a laid back and lovely day, in such a wonderful location.

Here’s what Robyn and Tom had to say about working with me:

“Laura, thank you (and Pete of course too)! You were so easy to work with and the results are amazing. We booked you simply because we loved your style. Your galleries were full of fun pictures filled with life and colour. Even then however you’d still captured some truly beautiful ones of all the couples you’d photographed too. When we met you in Islington that sealed the deal. We absolutely love the pictures! We sat down last night (with a bottle of bubbles as instructed) to watch the slideshow… they are fabulous. Thank you so much”

Here’s Robyn and Tom’s wedding in their own words:

The Beginning
Tom and I went to school in the same town and had friends in common, but we had never met before one fateful Friday night out in July 2011 (the club in question has subsequently been shut down… quite rightly). It wasn’t the most romantic start. Tom doesn’t recall meeting me that night and didn’t know my name when he text to ask me out on our first date the following Tuesday. It was all uphill from there however and Tom proposed last May on a trip to the Northumberland coastline, a part of the world that means a lot to both me and my family.

Scroll down to read more about Robyn and Tom’s Bignor Park Wedding Photography, including the credits.  If you’re looking for a photographer please do get in touch.

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wedding photos bignor park sussex wedding photos bignor park sussex
The Venue and Location
My mum initially went to see Bignor Park without me on a recommendation from Tom’s mum who had been to a concert there. My mum instantly adored Bignor as did Tom and I after we visited. It’s a very magical place and the definition of casual elegance in a bucolic English setting. The gardens truly are beautiful with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. The views from the south lawns on a sunny day are breath taking and thankfully we got lucky with the weather!

The Outfits
Mine: I was in love with Halfpenny London before I was even engaged having discovered them after going for dinner at Bethnal Green Town Hall. When I looked at their website and saw that they did weddings naturally my crazy girl instincts took over. I looked at their gallery, which was very East London chic, but more importantly I had never seen such gorgeous dresses. These dresses were of course all from Halfpenny London. After we were engaged I went to just two wedding dress shops, Halfpenny and one other (the latter because you should at least go to two?). Their store on Woburn Walk is petite, perfect and all things beautiful. I fell in love with the whole experience and specifically the ‘Susie’ dress a couple of tries in. My mum, sister and maid of honour all loved it too.

Tom’s: Tom wanted a bespoke (as he’d never had one before), well tailored and very English suit for the day. He ended up, after much deliberation, walking into on Redchurch Street next to where we live now. We’d decided on a vague blue suits theme for the wedding party rather than tails. Tom very sensibly ignored my pleas for a vivid, light blue suit and went for a deep, rich blue, mohair option that was very sharp. He then added a more dandy waistcoat with a funky Picasso-esque pattern on the back.

The Flowers and Decor
We wanted our flowers to be casual and to fit in with the countryside setting. I made that comment to my mum in earshot of Louise Hartley, the venue organiser, on our first visit. Louise instantly directed me to Beth and Wade aka . Beth and Wade have a garden at Bignor, just behind the walled garden where we got married, and supply a couple of weddings a year. Beth and Wade completely surpassed my expectations and I am totally in love with them. They are the kindest, most talented people and they did an amazing job. Beth took inspiration from the colours in my bridesmaids skirts/ dresses for the bouquets/ button holes/ corsages and Wade made the poles of my marquee into trees with birds flying from them. They even lent us their beautiful VW camper, named Della, for the day itself.

Given we were in a garden I didn’t think I needed crazy colours in the bouquets. Initially I just said all white to Beth with lots of greens. When I then bought the bridesmaids skirts and dresses I then said if you want to add a colour to go for a bluey/ purple. Beth did all the rest. In addition to the aesthetic element all the flowers in my bouquet and Tom’s button hole had a meaning. Tom has quite a bit to live up to!

The First Dance
Nina Simone, Feeling Good… the lyrics were too perfect and it’s the right combination of old school elegance and sass.

The Entertainment
The Ronnie Scott’s Rejects performed both at the drinks reception and in the evening. At the drinks they were a jazz quartet, but in the evening they played as a 7 piece.

The Words of Wisdom
Simply to just enjoy it and not take the little things too seriously. Things will not go according to plan, but you will be the only person who notices.

The Credits
Wedding dress/ skirt/ jacket & veil – Halfpenny London,
Headpiece – Isobel Hind, bought in Halfpenny
My shoes – LK Bennet
Tom’s Suit – Timothy Everest,
Tom’s TIe – Turnbull & Asser
Bridesmaids Dresses/ Skirts/ Bags/ Shoes – LK Bennet
Bridesmaids Tops – Ted Baker
Boys Ties – Liberty own brand
Boys Socks – Happysocks
Florist – Beth and Wade Holden, Fittleworth Flowers (on facebook)
Venue – Biignor Park,
M,arquee (ceremony & dinner) and festoons – Tents and Events,
Bunting and festival flags – Event Flag Hire
Decor/styling – my mum! Ginny Wilkin!
Caterer & Cake Maker – Carole Lindsay,
Venue Coordinator – Louise Hartley at Bignor Park
Wine -Corney & Barrow, Olivier Hartley
Stationery – Derek Matthews (Tom’s dad) designed it, the Wedding Shop in Chichester printed it
Ceremony Music – Silja Loya @ Rigaudon Music,
Music – Ronnie Scott;s Rejects,
Transport – Bus for bride and bridesmaids, vintage Bedford, Ages Past
Videographer – Andrei Weddings,

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