Wedding photography from Bath, to London to European destinations featuring wrestling, elopements, warehouses and epic parties. This is my best of 2017!

2017 went by in the blink of an eye and I can’t quite believe it’s already 2018 and I’m starting to think about this year’s wedding season which starts in just over six weeks for me.   Among the wedding photographer community it’s a bit of a tradition to post your best bits and it’s really wonderful to look back over a whole year’s worth of work to relive your favourite moments.

Looking back at my work it’s always joy, laughter, colour and energy that I’m most drawn too most.  I love photographing the dance floor, showers of confetti, laughter and people having a brilliant party.  That said I also love the quiet moments too and I have come to value more and more the opportunity to document a fixed point in time for my couples and their families.

Your wedding day is a snapshot of your life

A wedding day, for me, isn’t just about the day itself.  It’s about everything that came before and everything that comes afterwards.  It’s a snapshot of your life and your relationships with the people that matter to you, and that’s something I am always mindful of when photographing your day.  If that all sounds very serious, let’s go back to the confetti.  I bloody love confetti.

I also love how diverse my weddings were this year.  From different cultures coming together, to wedding parties in wrestling masks.  From weddings with 200 people to weddings with just four people, including me!  People often ask if I get bored of weddings.  How could I, when people are all so different and unique?

This post is about the pictures so I’m not going to go into things like awards and features but if that stuff interests you, you can find out more here.

My goals for 2018 and onwards

I will just say that my goals for 2018 include providing an even better service to the couples I’m lucky enough to work with and I’ll also be taking on some new projects, alongside SNAP which I run alongside Babb Photo, to provide education and support to the photography community.

If you’d like to work with me in 2018 or beyond I’d love to hear from you but, for now, here are some of my 2017 best bits!

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