Bath Engagement PhotographerWell this was my second Bath pre wedding photography shoot and it doesn’t really look like it was photographed in Bath at all because Lorna, Chris, Pete and I escaped from the city and headed up to the Skyline Walk,  in search of sunset light.

It was a really lovely evening and we really enjoyed exploring the countryside. The light was soft and golden and we got to shoot Lorna and Chris in front of one of my favourite views of Bath.

Here’s what they had to say about how they met and their Bath pre wedding photography experience

We were introduced in passing by a mutual friend while on a night out and after exchanging a few pleasentries went on with our evenings. Something must have clicked in those few minutes as we added each other on MySpace (this really dates our story!) and spent many an evening chatting online and bonding over our mutual music and food loves. Eventually we arranged a first date to London Zoo and decided over a Weatherspoons dinner that we were going to be a couple.

11 years later, we’re now planning our wedding and are thrilled to have chosen Laura as our photographer. We opted for an engagement shoot to familiarise ourselves with having our picture taken as we’ve not spent a great deal of time in our lives posing for our Bath pre wedding photography shoot!

Our shoot took place at the Bath Skyline and working our way through the woodland, chasing the evening light was like a mini-adventure! Laura put us at ease and got us to do a few excercises which helped distract us from the camera. We were so comfortable by the end of the shoot it felt like having a friend we’ve known for years take the photos! We’re so pleased with how the photos turned out as we look like ourselves and Laura really captured how fun and relaxed the shoot was for us.

Seeing the photos has reminded us how important it is to properly document the special times in our lives and have something to show our families for years to come. We’re so excited for the wedding day photography and can’t wait to do it all again!

If you’re looking for Bath pre-wedding photography I’d love to explore the city with you.
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