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I’ve always had a bit of a thing for ‘ugly’ architecture.  Brutalisim, concrete and even tower blocks with seemingly little architectural merit.  It kind of fascinates me that we build these big boxes for people to live in.  I love the ideal that many of these places were founded on.  Self contained utopias where people have everything they need on their doorstep.  Some of these estates were even built with walkways wide enough to drive a milk float along.

The Barbican Estate is one of my favourite places to shoot.  Moody side lighting, interesting architectural details and there’s even a conservatory full of plants on the top floor (you can get married there.  And obviously I must photograph it for you).  It’s warren like too, so I feel like there’s something new to discover around every corner.

When Maggie and Sam told me they wanted to do their engagement shoot there I was excited but when they told me they have access to the residents only part, where Maggie’s boss lives, I probably did a seal clap.  I absolutely love this shoot and I can’t wait to photograph Maggie and Sam’s Kings Cross wedding in a few weeks.

Blue sky and Barbican Estate London

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  1. I should be jealous that you got to go deep in to the under belly of my favourite building. But instead I heart this a helluva lot. These pictures rock.


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