Creative bride and groom portrait at Barbican Conservatory Wedding

Brutalist and colourful! Andrew and Dina’s Barbican Conservatory Wedding Photography

I love Brutalism. Love it.  Trelick Tower, The South Bank and the new wing of the Tate Modern (swoon!) are some of my favourites. There’s something about the way that light bounces around concrete that makes it magical to photograph. And then there’s the beautiful Barbican in East London. Funny, then, that I’ve done a Barbican engagement shoot before but I’ve never been lucky enough to shoot a whole wedding there. Until now! Being a part of Andrew and Dina’s Barbican Conservatory Wedding was basically a dream come true.

Colourful balloon backdrop at Barbican Conservatory wedding

It’s also probably pretty obvious from my work and website that I’m a pretty big fan of colour and Andrew and Dina had amazing splashes of it everywhere. From tropical vibes to multicoloured balloons. There was even a ball pond. Keep scrolling to see all the photographic goodness and to read more about the day!

Creative bride and groom portrait at Barbican Conservatory Wedding Colourful Barbican Conservatory Wedding Photography

So, yeah, there was a lot to love about photographing Andrew and Dina’s colourful Barbican Conservatory Wedding.  They were a joy to hang out with and their friends and family all had a REALLY fun time, as you can see from the limbo pictures at the end!

One of my favourite parts of the day was sneaking off with Andrew and Dina, to explore the Barbican.  There are so many amazing backdrops, from concrete to lily ponds.  We were even lucky enough to sneak into the resident’s area, as one of Andrew and Dina’s guests lives on the Estate.  Some of my other favourite things included those colourful balloons, the Amazing Mariachi band, FLAMINGOS.  The splashes of colour looked amazing against all of the greenery in the Barbican Conservatory.

This was a really fun day to be a part of and I’d love to shoot here again.  If you’re looking for a Barbican Conservatory Wedding Photographer get in touch and let’s chat!

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    The creativity and storytelling in this post are exceptional, and the images are simply gorgeous. You’ve done a remarkable job! Cheers and all the best for 2024, Anja.

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