moody winter wedding photography-9I photographed a few weddings succession at The Peasant over the winter.  At the time I thought it was a bit of an error in judgement and that it would kill my creativity stone cold, but I really enjoyed the challenge of creating something different for each of my couples.

Each of the weddings was really different too. Starting with Laura and Paul’s colourful and quirky day, I ended with Chris and Pauline, who wanted their wedding to be laid back, cosy and just like spending a night in the pub with their favourite people.

My work over the summer has been resoundingly bright and colourful, which just goes to show how much I am influenced by my environment.  It’s interesting to look back at my work from the winter and to see how much the mood influences my work.

Here are fifteen frames, in no particular order, from Chris and Pauline’s beautiful, emotional winter wedding in London.   To see some full wedding stories check out the rest of my blog.

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