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My favourite things in the world are travelling and uninterrupted horizons, and when I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me walking around National Trust properties – my favourite is probably Stourhead - or hiking up big hills. I love a big hill.

I spend a lot of time shopping for different types of tea, brewing tea and drinking tea.  Nothing makes me happier than being by the sea, especially on a blustery day. Cheese is the best (Epoisse, as I know you're wondering) and I love a power ballad (Wind of Change by The Scorpions - almost as cheesy as the Epiosse, but not quite).

My journey as a wedding photographer was pretty unexpected.  I bought a camera, photographed a friend’s wedding and things exploded from there. I’ve been doing this for over 9 years and I love being a part of my couples weddings.

My wedding photography style is vibrant and artistic. I’ll capture all the fleeting and joyful moments, while you get on with having a brilliant time.

My work has been featured across the planet, from the UK to Japan. A couple of years ago I won a spot on New York based Rangefinder Magazine's prestigious 30 Rising Stars of Worldwide Wedding Photography list. That was pretty exciting!

Whether your day is going to be laid-back or adventurous, in an old cinema, on a beach or on a pretty hill, it’s bound to include your favourite people and a few popped corks. And it’ll be brimful of the kind of feelings and moments you’ll want to remember forever.

If it sounds like we might have the same ideas about your wedding photos, drop me a line and let’s chat.

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