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A guest collared me at a recent wedding and asked why I didn’t want them to take pictures during the ceremony.  You see the couple had asked their guests to put down their cameras and their phones, and to be present during their wedding ceremony.

I get a lot of couples ask me if it’s a good idea to make their ceremony unplugged.  They ask me if guests with cameras impact on my ability to do my job.  I always say no, they don’t and that’s true of most weddings.  You occasionally get the odd over zealous hobbyist photographer but you work round them.  The average guest with a camera or a phone though is no bother at all.

So why would a couple have an unplugged ceremony?


















Well this picture which was shared on Instagram by my friend Lydia at Ever Ours perfectly illustrates the point (as does her post about it here).

An unplugged wedding means you see a sea of smiling faces, as you walk up the aisle.

An unplugged wedding means ALL of your guests are throwing confetti and laughing.

An unplugged wedding means all that can be heard is the vows you’re exchanging, instead of a cacophony of beeps and shutters being released.

An unplugged wedding means everyone is present. No one is distracted.

An unplugged weddings means no blocked shots, no ruined exposures because a guest’s flash fired and no family group shots where everyone is looking in different directions because of the sea of cameras.  The issues listed in this paragraph can be worked around but it does make my life easier if they don’t exist in the first place.


il_570xN.665582992_ncgoPrintable sign available to buy via Etsy.

So how do you broach the subject with your guests and make sure they understand your reasons for wanting to go unplugged?

Well you could share this post with them.  If you have a wedding website feel free to link to it, or you could include a bit of information about your reasons for choosing an unplugged ceremony in with your wedding invitation.

With all of my wedding photography collections you get unlimited image downloads for all of your guests, so they really can put their cameras away without worrying about something being missed.

For ideas about how to word or present your wishes for an unplugged wedding or ceremony, check out my Pintrest board.

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August 18th 2015
Great article. You are absolutely right, we can work around the other people taking photographs but the moment they do they are not actually concentrating on whats happening. Very well put.
    August 18th 2015
    Thanks Mark and thanks for reading.
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