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As well as being a full time wedding photographer, I also run a few events a year for other wedding and lifestyle photographers. SNAP Photography Festival is one of those events and it’s Europe’s first event of its kind – a festival meets retreat meets workshop meets dance party and I’m really flippin’ proud of it.

It honestly makes my heart sing when feedback starts to roll in afterwards. It’s honestly so rewarding to be able to organise something that helps people to grow their businesses, develop their skills and most importantly that enables people to become part of a community that is a source of advice and support all year round.

2016 was our second year and 110 photographers traveled from all around the world (including Ireland, England, Wales, France, Spain, Norway, Finland, Portugal, The US, Poland, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Croatia and a host of other far flung places) to be a part of SNAP. We learned, we shared, we drank beer around campfires, explored forests and danced.

Two of our community also got married (!), which was pretty cool. Rochan and Xeco got engaged at SNAP last year so we threw them a surprise wedding – they knew it was happening but none of our attendees did until the day, when we handed them invites after breakfast.

This post, really, is just to share this amazing film that Cinematic Tide created at SNAP. If you’re looking for a wedding videographer you have to book them because they are totally amazing, hugely talented and super lovely to boot.

Every time I watch this film I feel so amazed that this is something I created BUT like I always say, SNAP is special because of the people who choose to be a part of it. They come to West Wales with open hearts, open minds, ready to learn and share. They’re a pretty special bunch and I feel very lucky to know them.

You can find out more about SNAP on our website.

Thanks to Anna Naphtali for the header image.