corn field wedding portrait

Sorry we haven’t emailed sooner-we’ve been enjoying going through all the pics and waiting to hear what family members think etc. We’ve all really enjoyed going through the pictures and think you tell the story of the day wonderfully so it’s been so brilliant to be able to go through them all. Our family and friends that have seen them so far have enjoyed them too

From when we first heard from you via email, to meeting with you , we both knew we had made the right decision in booking you and in Arthur’s words after meeting you; ‘Babbs is on it!’ We genuinely relaxed when we met you and knew you’d do a good job. You got back to our emails promptly and they were always helpful and informative. I found that really reassuring when planning a wedding!

Both you (and Alice) were a pleasure to have there on the day and we hardly even noticed you for the majority of the time-but obviously you had been busy! A few family members had mentioned ‘intrusive photographers’ at previous weddings they had been to but they all said you were anything but!

You guys managed to play along and get the ‘shots’ when dealing with groups, even after drinking, yet capture some really intimate moments of just me and Arthur. And we feel the photos as a whole, reflect the happy, romantic and creative vibe of our day. The light in the cornfields is pretty spectacular! Love! (also love the emotional ones of Mum seeing me the first time and giving Dad a hug outside the church…and the speeches! Gah, so many!)

Thanks so much-you are a true professional-we have already highly recommended you to friends.


Have Laura shoot your wedding!

real moments, captured creatively.