prince albert camden wedding

Weddings like this are one of the reasons I love being a wedding photographer so much. Laura (pronounced the Spanish way) and Charlie had a lovely, laid back day where every single person there spent the whole day smiling. There was such a brilliant energy about the day, from Charlie’s surprise performance to Laura bounding around the dance floor from the moment The Inlaws started playing.

It rained and it rained and it rained and it rained but no one cared because they were all too busy enjoying themselves for it to matter.

I especially loved the fact that Laura and Charlie did everything they could to make their day as sustainable as possible; from Laura’s pre-loved and re-purposed wedding dress to the table names they made themselves from bits of an old shed.

Here’s what happened:

Laura’s house. Laura and her bridesmaids are having their hair and make-up done. The atmosphere is relaxed as they drink Bucks Fizz and chat. Upstairs the dresses are hanging in the shower, steaming. Laura’s dad brings umbrellas. Laura puts her dress on. Laura’s bridesmaids give her a surprise gift from Charlie. She makes her way downstairs, where her dad is waiting. They all head out, into a very rainy London. They arrive in Camden a little early and wait inside the car, where it’s dry. Charlie waits inside Camden Town Hall, while one of their friends plays the violin. Laura walks in with her dad. They kiss. They’re married. They kiss some more. We head out and photograph the bridal party in front of their red London bus. Guests all hop on. The windows steam up, as the bus drives through the rainy London streets, to Camden. They arrive at The Prince Albert to drink champagne and mingle with their guests. Charlie sings to Laura, as a surprise. They sit down to dinner. It’s followed by speeches. Joe, the best man, has written a song and guests join in. They head downstairs for their first dance. The dance and dance and dance some more. Laura runs outside to pull up her falling down wedding garter. They drink shots. They dance some more.

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real moments, captured creatively.

January 13th 2014
I love the detail and shutter drag shots!! Great job!
January 13th 2014
What a fun looking wedding - the narrative running through these is immense.
January 13th 2014
This looks like so much fun. Love a pub wedding. x
January 13th 2014
January 14th 2014
oOOhhhhh Laura! Loving your use of the double decker, for the group shot with umbrellas! And the detail you caught with the window doodles - FAB stuff xxx
January 14th 2014
Love the bus shot dude. nicely done. x
January 14th 2014
Cracking work on this one Laura!
January 14th 2014
Love this wedding. So beautiful and I love that bus!!!
January 15th 2014
Super set of images Laura. Really loved the heart on the steamy taxi window shot. Fab work!
January 15th 2014
great looking wedding...looks like lots of fun. stunning bride
January 16th 2014
love the prince albert!! looks like an ace day, nice work missy x
[…] A Camden Pub Wedding  - From Babb Photo […]
[…] A Camden Pub Wedding  - From Babb Photo […]
January 27th 2014
What a story! Lovely laugh filled wedding

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